How To remove Briggs & Stratton (external) governor and replace camshaft
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Part One of the preparation the Briggs and Stratton for fitting into something more interesting than a big lawnmower. Once you’ve watched this video, watch the next one to see how you remove the internal governor parts (not 100% neccessary, but they do break up into small, highly destructive pieces of metal if you don’t – your call!)

This video was made with the small block 22bhp motor, but the big block is the same. In this video, we also change the camshaft for an upgraded one.

Next video will show how to modify the top end and timing to ensure reliability and best performance.



6 thoughts on “How To remove Briggs & Stratton (external) governor and replace camshaft

  1. I realize we do a lot of things in the U.S. ass backwards from you Brits, but on a Briggs the aluminum pushrod is on the INTAKE not the exhaust.

  2. Hi and thanks again, how do you attach a direct throttle linkage to the little carburettor arm that's left after governor removal? And highest praise for sharing this knowledge

  3. Heather – you need direct throttle control for our application. And leaving the internals is dangerous as it literally rattles itself apart leaving large (and small) chunks of metal floating round in the crankcase…. briefly!

  4. Superb! Thanks for sharing this video; I'm using this engine to power a small flex wing aircraft and this is really useful to share on converting the engine

    Nice one Flying Fish

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