How to remove the speed governor from a Briggs & Stratton engine for use in a BHC Hovercraft
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The Briggs & Stratton 35bhp motor is a superb Japanese built engine used for many applications that B&S never even thought of! Here at The british Hovercraft Company, we’ve installed many hundreds into small hovercraft and are the UK’s largest buyer of these handy little power units. They’ve also proven themselves in Ultralight aircraft and US Swapm Boats/Mud Buddies. This video shows you the first job you’ll need to do to for any dynamic application (ie not a conveyor belt or stump cutter!)

This is your first job when preparing one of these engines, strip out the engine speed controller/governor.

NOTE : If you’re going on to install it using a standard BHC engine frame, there is extra machining required before reassembly!

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7 thoughts on “How to remove the speed governor from a Briggs & Stratton engine for use in a BHC Hovercraft

  1. Yes, I've converted and flown the smaller 627cc version, although on that model it is easy to save weight by swapping the entire steel shaft for a small bolt and locknut. The way this video does it is good as it makes sure the bush in the casing stays put, as with shaft deleted the bush can fall out and do damage. On aircraft you need to save all the weight you can, so you can bin the governor weights too on my motor. Only puzzle is that adding the gasket changes the end float clearances, when they delete the gasket on the 38" model I'm told you have to re shim the crank and camshaft? Great company this lot, seem friendly and helpful but understandably cautious about offering engines for aircraft, as Skydrive did with Rotax.

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