23 thoughts on “How to repair a Briggs and Stratton 19.5HP eng that locked up.

  1. I ran lawn mower without oil yesterday and locked up engine. Just tried what you did and it worked. Just tell thanks a lot. You just saved me from buying new lawn mower. Great video

  2. Most likely it was not seized up that bad, trust me ive seen seized engines that size lock up and they will put full force on the internal parts and it is full lock down and them things almost never come undone without getting the piston pressed out!

  3. Thanks of the demo. Sorry you lost the sound to most of your video. I removed 5 bolts from the engine and moved the wheel housing like you did (using a wrench handle). I added OIL to the motor and turned the wheel 50 half turns. I put it all back together and it fired right up. 🙂

  4. You could have took off the screen on the flywheel and turned the motor over from the flywheel bolt, it would have been easier and not risky

  5. going to try this tomorrow..my 18.5 b&S just did this.. i heard it doing it the last time when i was on a ditch line. but once i leveled off the motor sounded normal.. then yesterday i was trying to beat out the storm and she locked up. praying this works hate to have to spend 500 on a new motor

  6. briggs has mojor issuse with their carbs leaking gas into the combustion chambers causing hydro locked engines. you need a new carb. or at least put a fuel shut off inline on the fuel line.

  7. i did this and it actually worked thx common sense dude. then i adjusted the valves and it runs like new again. 16.5hp i/c briggs

  8. A hearty thanks for this video.  Saved my life and the price of a new engine! In my case it was my tiller that locked up due to my not checking to see if I had oil in the engine.  I filled the oil and turned it from the crank shaft. thanks again!

  9. you can also turn it from the bottom of the main pulley. there is a screw in the shaft on the main pulley I think I used maybe a 15 or 16 mm socket with an extension to break mine lose.

  10. Thank you. I am fixing a mower that sat outside for about 8 years in the snow and rain and this was a life saver. The engine now runs. Thank you

  11. Thanks, I was going to try your fix, but when I took the flywheel cover off I found that one of the starter bolts had come off and was wedged against the flywheel. I removed it and all is well now.

  12. yeah ours locked up after a week of rain and when having it looked at and looking at it ourselves the valves had been messed with before its last run and thatsbwhy it locked up, it spins now but needs a new header and new deck and belts and stuff and I just haven't felt like fixing it, just going to try to get a new one

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