How To Repair a Briggs V Twin Intek Nikki Carburetor Running Too Rich

In “Running Rich”, Taryl explains and demonstrates a common problem with Briggs V Twin Intek Nikki Caruburetors running too rich (getting too much gas). Depending on the horse power of the engine, the larger jet part number goes on the RIGHT side and the smaller jet part number jet goes on the LEFT.
*Example: Jet #111 (792296) – LEFT Jet #114 (842627) – RIGHT
You need to lookup your carburetor online to make sure you’re using the right jets***

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34 thoughts on “How To Repair a Briggs V Twin Intek Nikki Carburetor Running Too Rich

  1. lol, and thanks.  I opened up the Nikki (six) carb on my Husqvarna yesterday and found both of the jets hanging out loose in the bottom of the bowl.  What a pos.  This is the first carb I've ever seen where the jets are just pressed into place.  I'll make sure to check that gasket under the nozzle before I reinstall it.

  2. I have the same carb but I have a rough idle issue I've been threw the carb 3 times with a new gasket set, but it runs fine when its under a load any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!

  3. I repaired this exact problem today. I didn't want to wait for the new gasket so I took a tiny gasket hole punch and punched out the holes back to their original size. Mower runs great now. Thanks for the video.

  4. Hey Taryl!

    I have a 22hp briggs V-twin-banger and im experiencin it runnin like crap!  it's running like the choke is on full all the time, even if you manually adjust the choke to full open… think that gasket, #841649, is the issue?  im gonna try it on tuesday and see if it makes a difference.

  5. Thanks for the awesome video…. my john deere was hard starting from the first year I bought it (new) and this year wouldn't start at all….now my JD with my clean Nikki Sixx carb starts on the first try!!!  Subscribed to your videos and they are all awesome!  lol, now when I have been in the garage working my wife asks me if Im working on my carbatrader lol

  6. Thank you I will do that my brain 20horse needs carb cleaned and new carb is 175.00 rebuild kit is 45.00 so the man at big r said that 2barrel carb was more than he could handle so I better buy one. I told him I will try to clean it first and I bet your advice just made my
    Dinner. There's your dinner I set the valves at 4thousanths and I'm sure it's the carb.thanks from tractor ed

  7. I think my low speed jet is dirty because the symptoms are the same as stevys power under load and runs rough on idle. He said he went through 3carbs I hope I can clean my jets and replace gasket. What do you suggest taryl ?

  8. working on my dads J.D. L130 with cv23hp. It also is running rich. Any ideas what it could be? I was thinking needle and seat but it all looks good.. It has a keihn carbertrader

  9. I just bought a used husqvarna with a 24 hp and there's a little pipe sticking out of the side of the carb that looks like it should have a small hose on it but none is there, do you know what that's for, it's not the fuel line, about the size of a fuel pipe on a weedeater, thanks.

  10. Good Job guys. I work on a lot of different things, and mowers are just part of the weekly routine. Its nice to look up a problem, and get schooled, over a beer and see what the problem is, without having to go through the whole process as would be normal. Mahalo, for your informational video's, as this is not the first time.

  11. Man what a great video….wonderin if you could help solve my issue…I swapped a 26 hp intek v twin on a craftsman zero turn mower…it was suppose to be looked new…anyway, It runs ,but when I engage cut pulley and load down …I am fine at about 25% but if I push it any harder than that it fouls the plugs and backfires a little….carburetor?

  12. What is the fix if the same carb runs lean, that need the choke on to start and run for a only for a few seconds. That is the problem that I am having now on a 18.5 hp Intek riding mower. Thanks…..

  13. hi taryl is me again big ur fans..I have 20hp twin briggs. last month is running percect.last week my mower engine going flood cannot going high iddle.if I put trotle high the engine die.same Nikki carburetor like ur video. i like send you video to to send video to you let me kno please. I like to fix so I can cut my grass again…I need my dinner..

  14. mr. taryl i have a briggs 20hp v twin it has a nikki carb i mixed up the little jets you were talking about by accident can you tell me witch one is left and witch one is right thanks

  15. It works! I have a 22 hp B&S, "Briggs and Scrap Iron"! Engine. The holes in the gasket material were reduced in diameter from assembly, and partially crapped over from use. I cleaned the gasket and re sized the holes with a 1/16 drill bit by hand. Power is restored and runs well under load. It is not a difficult repair.

  16. Help. What holds the main jets in place? They have the rubber O-ring on them but the jets just fall out. I'm doing a cleaning and trying to avoid buying the rebuild kit.

  17. You are the only one that pointed that out.. AWSOME! i HAVE a 22HP Endurance V Twin Surging…So I got to break the carb down. NO ONE said to do what you pointed out. Just gaskets not including that one. TY TYT YTYTYTY TY!

  18. love the videos taryl! newest subscriber. need some more info tho. got a six wheeler that was running but would lose power to the point of dying when giving it gas. not always but sometimes. I cleaned the carb. it was a Nikki but was different than the one in this video. it was massively dirty and some of the Jets were plugged. when I put it back together it won't start now. can start it with carb cleaner bit just dies after that. one gasket cracked a little in the process. and the gas trickles out of the line when disconnected. any suggestions?

  19. I have one of these I have rebuilt the carburetor and I am getting a black sooty plug on one side and a perfect plug on the other. It starts running bad after about 25 minutes of use. I replaced the head gasket on the side that's running good because it was leaking oil

  20. I've had 3 of these engines and no matter what I do to them they still have a low idle surge and sometimes pops threw the carb!? very fustrated with these v twins I'd rather have the opposed twins back!!

  21. You crack me up. You have a gift of explaining complicated topics so that nearly everyone can understand it and you do it in an entertaining way. Keep them thar dinners a comin'.

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