How to Repair a Pressure Washer Hose in 6 Minutes (Any brand Gas or Electric)

Burn a hole in your pressure washer hose? Fittings leaking? Don’t throw it away! It can be easily fixed in a little over 6 minutes with basic hand tools. All necessary parts linked below: – Gates 1/4″ Swivel Compression Fitting – I paid $10 for it, but price fluctuates.

I also found 2-packs of them from an eBay merchant for $15 here if Amazon’s prices fluctuate – – Gates 1/4 NON-swivel Compression fitting (same as above without the swiveling) – M22 Adapter for Pressure Washer – I paid $7.99 – Quick Connect Fitting (optional) I paid ~$8

For this repair, I used a Gates 1/4″ swivel male compression fitting (specific model linked above) and a M22-1/4″ female fitting. Together, these parts were less than $15, and can be used over and over if you repeatedly break your hose (by burning it against the exhaust like I did). You can also add in the optional quick connect fitting above if you want to make it quicker to attach your hose to your pressure washer



13 thoughts on “How to Repair a Pressure Washer Hose in 6 Minutes (Any brand Gas or Electric)

  1. So , according to this video and your previous , your hose gets shorter every time ?? I was looking for a splicing fix because mine ruptured right in the middle !

  2. Will this work to repair the hose if it keeps popping off? my pressure washer hose every time I squeeze the trigger on the wand it pops off at the machine

  3. Time is money and my time is worth a lot. Most houses will break in the middle somewhere due to rubbing or scrapping. A new hose can be had for $20. I'll opt for that over taking the time to repair. Your mileage may vary. 🤔

  4. Ya I've got a couple of these electric pressure washers they're small kind of weak ass machines but they spray ! They will clean some pretty dirty grimey shit off some things they're great for the truck or dirtbikes etc… I've been stuck having to use them to strip paint from houses as well and I'm not knockn these things but the a real pressure washer is where it's at for really getting some stuff cleaned off and they've got the quick little hydraulic or whatever they are called releases for switching tips easily and the hose fittings are better by far these electric ones have problems with leaking seals o rings release valve always gets wore out quick I've rigged up a few wands now that are compatible with my wand assembly and aren't so prone to losing its seals so quickly the way they make them is just weak they don't hold up for but a couple of uses probably because of the whole made in China fact that this happens we pay descent money on crappy manufactured things and waste our money having to fix the stuff on the added down time one must then need in order to fix it if he fuckn needs it then and there BUILD RIGHT QUIT RIPPING US OFF …. IT'S OUR OWN BUSINESSES AND GOVT OUTSOURCING THIS IS JUST ONE GOOD REASON WHY TRUMP IS BETTER FOR THE JOB THEN THAT HILLARY DUDE !!! Never trust a woman you do not personally know well when she puts up with a fake husband and marriage and being insulted and can't satisfy a man because she looks and dresses like and tries to piss like a guy that's a lezbo and lezboz hate men especially smart white ones who can actually do the things that we do and why trust anyone who hates anyone or tries to be like someone else and who puts up with that home life and who clearly is just a fucking phoney all the way around I mean c'mon people in not being racist or sexist we all know most stereo types are for a reason if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be one damm good at being a fake ass mother fucker if not actually a fuckn dam open your eyes you don't agree with her agenda and politics you know this bitch is unstable at the least trump is at least having fun at work and that's what makes every damm job better and get done better and with better watching eyes over it YOU TRULY ARE A IDIOTIC PETSON IF YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF SOMEONE WHO HAS ANY TIES TO THAT LIFESTYLE SHE CHOOSES THE CHILD STUFF THE MURDERS IF ANYONE IS CATCHING THOSE ALLEGATIONS AND EMAILS THAT SHOULD BE CLOSE ENOUGH TO BE TOO DAMM CLOSE FOR SOMEONE OR ANYTHING TO BE SOMETHING YOUR AROUND AT FUCKING ALL IF YOU WERE GOING TO SHIT IN A SANDWICH AND THROW A PIECE OF BOLOGNA ON IT WOULD YOU CALL IT A BOLOGNA OR SHIT SANDWICH OR A BOLOGNA SHIT E SANDWICH suM?

  5. I have a generic electric pressure washer and my old hose was leaking pretty bad. I brought this new hose from Northern Tools>%20Pressure%20Washer%20Accessories%20>%20Pressure%20Washer%20Hoses&utm_campaign=Powerhorse&utm_content=42942&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_fSI3s6V2gIVyi-BCh3e0wPoEAkYASABEgKYhfD_BwE and the 1/4 inch side of the hose won't screw into my gun which has a 1/4 connection on it. Are there any parts you can recommend that will fit? I spent agood amount of time at Lowe's and Home Depot in their plumbing section trying to find an adapter that will screw the hose into my gun with no luck.

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