HOW TO repair a Pull Cord on a Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower

Lawn mowers starter rope always seems to break at the worst time. In this video I will show you how to rewind and repair a broken starter assembly on a Briggs and Stratton Platinum 7.25 hp lawn engine. The recoil starter is the pull-start mechanism on the back of the engine that enables you to start your lawnmower. The starter cord is also called a starter rope. The following video is a step-by-step instructions for replacing a broken cord in the recoil starter for your lawnmower.

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22 thoughts on “HOW TO repair a Pull Cord on a Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower

  1. Thank you for leaving all the mishaps in because that same thing happened to me and I freaked out because I am no where near as mechanically inclined as you are. Thank you!!! You helped me!

  2. Big big thank you! I had the same issue, and the same issue with the coil… I did everything that u did. Put it back together n boom… it fired right up on the first pull. Prior to watching your video I was about 99% sure I'd be dropping $200 or $300 on a new mower today. Thank you sir!

  3. Hiya! I like your video and explaining style.. I thought I did everything you did.. BUT, once I put it all together again, the cord doesn't pull at all. Any ideas what I did wrong? I prepped the recoil starter 6 rounds. Thanks!

  4. Thank you very much! My spring was broken too but I managed to pull it all the way out and had to figure out how to rewind it. I watched complicated YouTube videos and nearly threw up my hands, but was able to rewind it by hand and rump it the way you did.

    Unfortunately I wound it backwards the first time, got it all put back together, and nothing. After I rewound it the other way, voila. I feel so handy 🙂

  5. This was great for me. I first turned it the wrong direction. Pull cord didn't go in. Had to redo going the correct direction. still didn't work. I found that when I had turned it the wrong way I did something to the spring. Took it apart just like you did, used needle nosed pliers to get the spring all lined up. Put it back together and just finished mowing my lawn. Thanks.

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