How To Repair A Recoil On A Stihl FS 70 RC Weedeater

Taryl’s month of Halloween how-to’s continues with “The Portal”. Taryl builds a portal that takes him to another world where everything is opposite of his current world… After the intro and before the ending, Taryl goes over how to properly replace the recoil rope in that tricky double spring recoil setup on your Stihl FS 70 RC weed whacker. Be sure to stick around til the end for the exciting conclusion to Taryl’s classic Halloween 2020 video.
And as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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Special Thanks to Dave Stump for the Portal.

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23 thoughts on “How To Repair A Recoil On A Stihl FS 70 RC Weedeater

  1. My mouth just dropped when you pulled that spring out 🤦‍♂️…. I’ve had that happen and wouldn’t purposely uncoil one for a video. Your the man lol way more of a man than anyone I know.

  2. yer lucky ya dint run in to the taryl from the other universe while you was a visitin, and cause a wrinkle in the fabric of yer space time. the quantum interference vortex that resulted would've bunched up yer underoos in yer nether regions sumthin fierce, and the wife would never be able to get them stains out no matter how much she scrubbity scrubbed.

  3. Love the creativity in the video, oh have the sticker orders gone out yet ?ordered some couple weeks ago just wondered thanks. Keep up the cool videos.

  4. Lol I have an old fs 52 stihlch i just got it running again but the head is gone and broken and you can’t buy a new one but hey it still runs good so I just call it the invisible weed snipper thanks taryl for the fun

  5. One of the problems is that customers don't read the owner's manual. I tell all my customers to put the owner's manual in the bathroom where they do all their reading. Ignorance is easily fixed with education. Good job on the repair and thanks for all the work y'all put into making these videos.

  6. Taryl; I just wanted to thank-you for saving me time and money. Last spring I changed the oil on my emergency generator. I started it up and it ran fine. A few weeks later I tried to start it and it wouldn't start. I checked to make sure it was getting fuel and that was fine. Then I checked the spark and found no spark. I thought it might be low on oil so I serviced it to what looked like full; it still wouldn't start. I ran out of time and had to address the issue this fall. I was armed with all the knowledge you had given me and had decided to pull the cover off the flywheel and check the mag. Before doing that however; I remembered something else you said about addressing the thing you had last done to the engine. So I pulled the grounding wire off the low oil sensor and Wa-La the engine had spark and fired right up. I readjusted the oil level, installed the grounding wire and the generator works fine. Thanks for your trouble shooting techniques and advice I saved myself a lot of work.

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