29 thoughts on “How to repair a rope starter on a briggs and stratton engine

  1. I had all kinds of pull rope problems this year but it wasn't the rope, It was the thing that houses the wings when you pull the rope, Turned out the plastic that holds one of the wings was broke so I bought another housing but the guy had rebuilt it and appears to have flared the tube in the center making it to tight work right, Then I ran across a guy that had a gas and electric mower he wanted $25 for the pair, Problem solved

  2. I want all you "donyboy" types to make a note of skiddy8619 here: Skiddy just showed you it is not required to take most, if not all, recoil starters apart to replace a rope. On the vertical shaft 12 series, I can replace rope w/o even removing the blower housing.
    On the older horizontal shaft Briggs engines, you don't need to remove starter pulley to replace rope AND spring.
    Skiddy is proof that not all "how-to" videos are posted by incompetent morons. (you listening donyboy?)
    Good job, Skiddy!

  3. The "ring job" dude get's hired (not by me) I ask him how much small engine exp. he has, "None. But I'm a fast learner." Oh, shit!
    I tried to "learn" him but he wouldn't listen being I only had 38 yrs. exp. at that point.
    I quit w/2 wks. notice over his antics and after 9 months they canned him and called me back. He left the shop in such filthy conditions, the boss filled a dumpster w/old mower decks, wheels, bent blades, engines taken apart…why they let him…dunno.
    Poor management.

  4. There is an old saying, "they gotta eat too" taking advantage of others. I know how you feel some people just don't have a clue.

  5. …also, you burn rope ends. It pisses me off seeing "mechanics" fix a starter and leave frayed rope ends.
    I've worked alongside so-called (small engine) mechanics who don't even have to wash their hands after 8 hours. Weird!
    Hell, I'm up to my elbows in grime in 1/2 an hour!
    Had one guy put rings in a mower when all that was wrong was choke wasn't closing. This, after I TOLD him it didn't need rings. Took 8 weeks, on and off, for him to do it. Still didn't start.
    Took me 30 sec. to adj. choke.

  6. Leave Skiddy alone. He's one of very few who knows how to do this right. Most take the pulley out to do it.
    Anyone know what shiftgood1's rambling was about? Lacking his medication?
    Anyway, skiddy, other than the fact your camera work sucked, you told the backyard mechanics the right way to install a rope. Keep up the good work.

  7. I must also add that I will endeavor to pray for you a short one, with your permission, for the best. (Of course I speak in addition to the slow sticker on vehicle movement, the BOX- teleport, the Future Consciousness "theif/sin" detection unit, publish everywhere on trash receptacles also, say a paradigm shift as a "greeting" I am a healing type of guy for 12+ years.)

  8. No your camera wasn't facing the right way.. and the odd language you were using was not helpful either.

  9. @TYLERhesh I think that it is clockwise, turn it enough to where you let go of it, it will recoil, "spin" if it doesn't then your going the wrong way, or if it does nothing then your spring is broke. Hope this helps.

  10. Thought i needed to see the inside of the housing at first, but when I did it I saw that your instructions were sufficient. Thanks, just what the doctor ordered. You said something about swearing— what swearing……lol

  11. @skiddy8619 – #LOL That's OK. I got it done. Rebuilt a 4 HP Briggs & Stratton and it's working great. I did find the info you provided helpful – I just had to give you a hard time for the camera work. It looks like you live in the middle of downtown BF Egypt. Is that a farm?

  12. Love the narration but your video is worthless because you neglected to show the inside of the housing while you are working on the GD thing – lol.

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