How to Repair a Small Engine Recoil Starter

In this video Mark explains the steps needed to repair a small engine recoil starter. Anyone who has owned a lawnmower knows how often this part fails, and Mark is here to help you make the repair yourself.

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20 thoughts on “How to Repair a Small Engine Recoil Starter

  1. I have one I've never seen before with a sears mower tecumseh engine the starter pull assembly won't engage the flywheel unless I push down on it before every time I pull the rope. Itw ill rock back and forth on top and I just can't figure out why. When I remove it the wheel turns fine and the wings come out correct but the stupid thing just won't mount far enough down on the engine to engage. Any ideas nothing looks worn or bent.

  2. In addition to my last comment there is a piece that is on top with a plastic clip in it and not sure what that does maybe just hold the pull assembly in the cover I donj't know for sure. Is that maybe an adjustment for the pull to flywheel?

  3. I love how you guys teach. You should mention what parts could be bought from your website (and include the link). This way your views can convert to leads.

  4. Thank you very much. You are the only one I saw that put tension on the spring then attach the cord. That was the solution I needed.

  5. my neighbor gave me a mower he hadn't messed with n 10 yrs gave it to me 2 months ago I went off the video took a bit but mower starts up like a champ

  6. This was helpful because I just got a used four wheeler that didn't have a starting cord and I was trying to see how to install one so this helped!

  7. Ok, after I reassembled the starter, there is a little bit of tension, only enough for half of a revolution of the pulley, what is going on and how do I go about fixing it, please help ASAP! Thanks in advance!

  8. The ratchets on the pawl kit for my murray lawnmower constantly come off. I've replaced the whole kit and yes the springs are in place but every time I have to pull more than a couple times to start it they come off. I am stumped and have no idea why.

  9. We have a 1988 John Deere push mower, the rope came off so we rewind the coil, and put the rope on. Now we are trying to put the top back on the motor and the screws will not line up and the top won't go all the way down. Any suggestions. PLEASE

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