how to repair intek v twin governor

this is what happened to this craftsman tractor,and the repair for it,



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  1. I so admire your skills and courage to tear apart and dive in to assess and repair-you're right in that "if it's broke…maybe there's little to lose"—I'm also struck quite often as to how much material/energy/etc are wasted (and charged to the consumer for a total replacement item) when a small part causes the complete "uselessness" of a complex machine such as this one–I'm guessing there's a complete lack of shame on the part of the designing /engineering/marketing folk who make the waste of all this inevitable-

  2. Really appreciate this video. My governor had seized and dug into the crankcase making the hole oval etc. Applying your technique to clean up the shaft and re-seat it using JB Weld was essentially my original thought, but I didn't know if the shaft was supposed to spin or in fact be pressed in. You answered that and confirmed my game plan. Thank you!


  4. Hi, This fix was dome back in 2011, did you get anymore issues with this engine and or governer, does it still run ?? I have the same issue with mine, I need to know if its worth to try and fix it like you did !! Thank you so much.

  5. I had the same issue on my 20hp Intek 406777-0115-E1. Accept mine sheared the pin off in the cast aluminum chassis. Ugh. I was able to start with a small drill and work my way up to bore out piece. I then machined a new shaft on mini lathe to match piece. Specs are 2.2" long. OD .300 on shaft. I have other specs on retainer ring. Anyway, I bought a new gear, ring, cap on ebay. JB welded the new shaft in. Just assembled tonight. I used rubber clamps to hold pin similar to video to hold pin in as it wants to push out once inserted with JB weld. Waited 24 hours to add new gear. I will be assembling tomorrow. I have an extra pin if anyone needs one.

    Good luck.

  6. So back again to thank you. Motor is running better, not surging, and just some backfires which I think I'll be able to adjust out. Ultimately I think your assessment that the carb was clogged was on point. I really do appreciate your help!

  7. Do you think the feet on the counter weights were ground flat from years of use? I'm doing this job now, and the feet on the original counter weights look much more worn than the new counter weights. I think the feet eventually wore down until they were no longer able to hold the thimble on the shaft anymore…

  8. I can't seem to reply with a video of my own. I thought that was a feature of youtube! Anyway, I posted one on my channel, post thorough carb cleaning. I can get it to run cleaner by playing with the choke, but it will shut off if I pull the choke all the way out.

  9. l think you may want to try another carb, it sounds like it may have blocked passages, if you try to hold it at idle and it just dies, thats your problem,,

  10. Thank you so much for your quick response! I checked the carb carefully. Seems completely clean except I did see a slight bit of corrosion on a couple screws, hinting that there may have been water in the fuel. I did a partial re-build on the carb, blew it out etc. and the injectors appear to be OK. The reason why it's a "partial" rebuild is that some of the screws are so soft, I can't get them out without destroying them. Did a full soak, but am a bit concerned that I see the throttle jumping.

  11. Wow! Great video. So to clarify, do you feel the cause of engine surging is a broken governor? I can see the throttle pulsing up and down, and the engine does not run clean at any choke setting. It's the exact same engine as in your video.

  12. My 18.5 briggs was running good then all the sudden it was racing. Is the governor the cause for that? It wont throttle down at all.

  13. Picking up a 21hp Briggs Intek tomorrow for 40 bucks the neighborhood scrap yard…if it has this problem I will know where to go to lookup how to fix it….tks great video!

  14. Thanks so much for posting this fix. I have the identical problem with mine and after taking it apart and seeing the problem, your video answered all of my questions I had while cleaning it up and gathering all the little broken pieces. Excellent instructions…

  15. Thanks so much for the video. I'm a beginner and am trying to fix my dad's tractor by replacing the governor. I can't unbolt the motor; just can't seem to get enough torque. Should I buy a pneumatic gun?

  16. I replaced the governor gear on my 20 hp intek, but it still races even in idle. Had the same problem as you, with the gov gear seizing on the pin. No idea why it is still happening, unless the little retaining washer is slipping out.

  17. my pin broke off so i drilled it out it drilled very easy but you cant buy a new pin i got lucky and found a good one off ebay so im waiting for parts lol

  18. @madmike1981 I was afraid to weeken the boss that holds it as it gets alot of side load from the cam gear, plus there was a blip on line saying that this worked for someone else, but I do like that idea,,

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