How To Repair Kohler Flywheel Magnets to Fix Charging System

In “Taryl and Chuck Hill”, Taryl demonstrates how to repair the flywheel magnets on a Kohler Engine (or Krohler as Taryl refers to it). Re-gluing in the flywheel magnets (if they’re still in good condition and not broken, they do not sell just the magnets) in the certain steps that Taryl shows you will fix the problem of the charging system not working or charging the battery. Now there’s your dinner!

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36 thoughts on “How To Repair Kohler Flywheel Magnets to Fix Charging System

  1. Great Video! Have a Kohler CH23 engine and had to replace the stator, which had a broken corroded wire, glued loose magnets back in, and replaced voltage regulator. At full RPM the regulator produces 38-41 volts AC but only 8-9 volts DC. The battery has always started the mower when charged and is not new but was fully charged and showing around 12.7 volts. After starting it maintains charging battery only at the same level with slight increase (like 12.74), but not the 13+ volts I was anticipating? I believe the battery is ok but have recharged it several times before fixing the charging issues. Does this scenario just indicate weaker battery? or something else I missed? or its normal?

  2. ok need some help i had the same problem and fixed it the way you did yayyy charging… whooo 16+dc v at battery should only be about 14 v wright? whats goin on here?

  3. I have 14 or so magnets  one has  a 1/4  broker off          should I take two out  and respace the mag and glue     it a Honda

  4. Taryl I have a Tecumseh HH60-105090F engine that the magnets came loose on the flywheel. Do you have any advice on placement and polarity before I try to glue them back in. thank you for the videos. They are a great help.

  5. I have a riding lawn mower & I can't get a spark from the plug. I have changed the plug and the ignition coil. I took the wire off of the coil and still didn't get a spark from the plug. The last thing I am thinking is that the magnets may be weak under the flywheel. I took the flywheel off and it was filthy. I cleaned out everything and found that the stator was burnt and being grounded out. So I replaced the stator. I am getting a slight charge from the stator now but still no spark from the plug. The last possibilty is weak magnets so I am thinking. How do I check them and recharge the magnets?

  6. I have a spark issue from the spark plug. I can't get any spark. I changed the spark plug – ignition coil, unhooked the kill wire from the back of the coil and still no spark from the plug. I took off the flywheel, cleaned out everything – replaced the stator. Now I get a faint charge from the stator. for the battery. I am wondering if the batteries are weak in the flywheel?? How do I check and recharge them????

  7. question Taryl can one use any Kohler alternator on any engine have to up the out put on a 15.5 single for my application thank you

  8. Thanks for this video sir! My mower stopped charging two years ago. I just mowed the lawn then put it on a charger afterwards. Somehow, my battery has survived all this.

    Since I was tearing it down for it's annual spring maintenance, I decided to yank the flywheel and have a look. Sure enough, all my magnets were sticking to the stator, I imagine it won't charge well like that. 🙂 I will be cleaning it up and gluing them back on, thanks for the tips. I wouldn't have thought to look for this.

  9. got an issue with my sv720…learned more from video than from the kohler web site…..rectifier was bad…thanks …

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