HOW TO REPAIR Lawnmower with BRIGGS & STRATTON Pulsa Prime Carburetor 1/2

HOW TO REPAIR the PULSA PRIME Carburetor on Lawnmowers with with Briggs & Stratton engines.
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37 thoughts on “HOW TO REPAIR Lawnmower with BRIGGS & STRATTON Pulsa Prime Carburetor 1/2

  1. So, I have this same exact mower that I have practically overhauled.  New plug, filter, oil, carb kit (to include spring and screen), primer bulb.  Do you know why it takes like 10 primes for the primer to actually inject an adequate amount of fuel into the carb for it to kick over?


  2. Lent my good mower to the neighbor who left it in his back yard and it was stolen so I'm back to this old Briggs n Stratton 3.75 with Pulsa Prime carb and it would start and stop after about 30 seconds although it had mowed the lawn once or twice before this started.
    Your video helped me determine that there is only the governor spring with no linkage attached to the butterfly.  Not sure how it was running cause it did mow the lawn a couple times like that. 
    I'll replace the missing linkage and the other short spring and check the membrane to see if it is still elastic and pumping gas.  (I cleaned the filter, carb, tank and mesh and blew air through already.)
    I clean the head and valves with steel wool because they were badly layered with black soot.  Do you think the engine is damaged because of the linkage parts missing?  Since it ran I didn't dream it had missing spring and linkage (my dad lost his battle with Alzheimers so many things around the house are in odd shape and I suppose that's how the old mower got this way shrug).
    Also, I'm not sure what RPM to set it for and guess it'll need that adjustment after the parts get replaced.

  3. Good video……..saved me a little money on repairing. Same setup as my motor, so it was pretty simple job thanks to your instructions. Finally the jungle will be mowed.

  4. hello I got a problem mine was working perfect 3 weeks ago i changed gasket replaced new filters as it was hunting running rough ,i got the lawn mower out the other day and it wont start i double checked the gasket there plenty of spark on the plug but it wont start what other problems could cause my issue there is an O ring between the carb ,also the primer button on it working there plenty of fuel getting though even thou the spark plug not getting wet or flooding I am not sure what i could be missing ?????

  5. Thanks for the video DB73!! I just picked myself one of these mowers for free but its self propelled. Its not running currently but i'm going to try to get it running myself. Off to part 2….

  6. Hi Dony, the lawnmower I have has the same setup, but when I was looking at my parts list for my correct diaphragm part number, and I noticed that there is a seat-inlet, Where is that seat located?

    Thank You

  7. I'm a new subscriber – and I'm constantly amazed at how much care is taken by you when video taping. Your explanations & close up views are outstanding.  Thanks for your attention to detail.  Regards: john

  8. Thanks it was easy to do with your explanation! Much better than the help I didn't get from the service centre guys. I just bought a second hand mower and thought it was a lemon but it's up and running now like a new one. Thanks.

  9. I'm a new sub, your videos are very easy to follow, thank you, all the videos I see about cleaning the carb are metal carb but mine is plastic, can you make a vid about those plastic carbs on stratton and briggs lawnmowers.

  10. Hi Donyboy I a toro 6.75 Briggs engine on it every time I start there blueish white smoke comes out of the muffler when running for a while is that signs head gasket

  11. Hi, thanks for your helpful video…I was able to start up and cut my lawn with a Lawnmower-Toro 6.0 HP Model 20010 after it sat in storage for 10 years…it started after 2 pulls…thanks again for video!!!

  12. to whom this may concern, no one I suppose! I bougt a murrary 20" thinking it to be light and easy to handle in tight areas. The second time I tried to use it, Ithe motor locked I broke the pull rope and the little plastic tab that the rewind spring hooks to also broke off . So now what, I went to the mower parts house to figure what i needed to do, they told meit was to new and couldn't order parts. I never thought briggs would allow anything like this junk to leave their factory. I have bragged on brigs to my friends for a long time, it sure is hard to sowalller crow. I know briggs will say sh-t bappens but this cost me 150.00 . I finally bought a new spring, and drilled a hole through the top and put a bolt for the spring to hook to and made it start. But not this is a new mower only 60 days old, is this what briggs is putting out?

  13. Love your videos. Brilliantly presented! I put a new carb and gaskets ans diaphram in mine but it's still impossible to start unless the fuel tank is full up. Is this normal? (Mine is the same model as this.)

  14. oh wow. I just went to home depot and saw that they sell the prime button to the carburetors for these mowers. I bought it and replaced it, now it starts up on one pull. I couldnt be more happier right now! Damn

  15. Great video. I am actually working on starting my own smaller business just like this. Repair and fix other peoples lawnmowers. You're a great help and inspired me. And grats with the 100k subs dude 😀

  16. so you went to all the trouble of removing tank and carburetor. only to reuse the old diaphragm, whilst not overly stretched, i would put a new one on there because it reassures me that the lawnmower will stay running the whole of the grass mowing season.

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