28 thoughts on “HOW TO REPAIR Older 3.5-5HP Tecumseh Recoil / Pull Start

  1. thank you so much  the spring broke on my recoil pull start on my tecumseh snow blower  thanks to your video i was able to repair it dude i had no clue you opened my eyes keep up the good work!

  2. Once again, a great video!  Hopefully this will help me repair my recoil.  I wind tension onto the recoil like you showed in another video on how to fix the sagging rope and after winding a couple of times I can hear the spring slip and lose tension again.  I guess that it is either broken or has come out of place inside the housing.  Gonna try this tomorrow and hopefully get this squared away.  Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much my go karts pull start comes done about every 2 months and we have to take it to the tractor shop which cost a lot of $$$$ now I can easily fix it!

  4. my craftsman 8hp riding mower from the 70's fired up first pull!!!!  I rode the shit out of it today, and now i got to go to work….  i was so happy cuz nothing seemed broken, and then my pull starter is clicking and i gotta take it apart.  tricky lil things, but thanks for the vid!

  5. Thanks for this video. I have an almost identical assembly on an older Bolens blower. The problem I am having is that the pawl does not get kicked out to engage to motor. The half circle shaped silver metal piece in the assembly that is meant to catch and push the pawl outward, on my blower it just moves with the pawl. Rather than a pin to hold it in place, there is a screw with a thin bar coming from the center of the hex. I can only hand tighten the screw because of this. As soon as I pull the cord a few times, this screw loosens and there isn't any resistance to push the pawl out. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  6. That Craftsman engine appears to be a model 143.744062 or H35-45576P. Don, I wonder if you could please give me the serial number for that engine? Example: 4101A. Thank you.

  7. Great tips one of the few repairs to the old snowblower that went quickly! Helped mentioning the size of the tools used as I didn't have the right size punch and was able to get one while picking up the new string!

  8. Great Video   !   Makes other videos look like a joke (they'll show you a screw type instead of roll pin type and even tell they subbed a Briggs&Stratton type for the more difficult Tecumseh type)      check me out at http://www.InventPeace.com

  9. Only extra comment , IFF the top half comes off (2 screws), some types of tecumseh allow you to put in a new rope without knocking out the roll pin , In other words, you can line up where the rope goes into the spool/pully and carefully thread the new rope in from outside and up into spool hole, then tie the knot,  proceed using where the triangular opening where the rope comes in to make winding of spring tighter or looser (similar to the hole you made for same purpose) .. you vid was great.

  10. Hey donyboy73, can I put the spring back into a kohler pull starter ? I can`t figure out how to get the spring back into the housing. Some one took it out and I can`t find a video on Kohler.
    Thanks Much

  11. Don, My roll pin is Totally Rusted in, and wont come out.  A. How would you recommend removing it other than a Punch ? B. What size is the roll pin from a 9hp Tecumseh HM90 ?  I've Hammered, Pressed, and Drilled a, All with no success.  Machine shop ???

  12. I have a similar starter on an older 4 hp Tecumseh. Put on a new rope and now the pawl? won't catch unless I press on the 1 inch round button in the center of the recoil assembly. Is there an easy fix for this?

  13. very good video thank you very much it's going to help us fix our Tecumseh roller tiller recoil thank you, Carl and Linda desert Homestead

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