30 thoughts on “HOW TO REPAIR Riveted Pull Start on Briggs & Stratton Snowblower Engine PART 2/2

  1. I'm not mechanically inclined but decided to try it myself.Thanks to your video I was able to replace the pull cord with very little difficulty .Thank you so much

  2. hey donboy great video with precise demo…. but looks like you got to be great mechanic to do this job. I wonder what kind of brains the engineers had who made this very simple task so complicated???? my next snowblower definitely will not have the riveted starting rope for sure. thanks for your video. I am not going to replace it till the time my electric start working good.

  3. Thank you so much for this video donyboy! I got a newer briggs engine in my riding mower (21B907) after the original engine blew up and it let go the other day when I was mowing. Tried start it back up using the pull cord after running out of gas and the damn thing wouldn't catch the crank. These new ones are nothing like the old ones where all you had to do was lubricate and clean the ball bearings in the starter clutch. I suspect them stupid plastic paws have broken on mine. What a PITA! I will dig into it tomorrow, hopefully I don't have to take off all that crap you did and no rivets to drill out.

  4. Great video!
    When I saw the rivets I thought to myself, what brain surgeon came up with that idea on a part that at some point is going to require maintenance.
    After watching your video I was back out clearing the driveway in 30 minutes and the repair cost was zero as I used a 5 foot length of nylon rope I had in the shed
    Now for the generator.. it too has a broken starter cord.

  5. Thanks for your reminder about the notch. I am a veteran of chainsaw pull cord fixes way out in the woods years ago. There was always a notch on chainsaw and other recoil pulleys on any equipment I broke the cord on. I was going crazy trying to do the rewind until I found your video. I actually drilled a hole on the edge with my drill press, which worked fine.

  6. Very well demonstrated. The only part I required was a new pull cord which I purchased at a local repair shop. Your suggestion to burn a notch on the pinwheel was excellent. Given my snowblower is not very old, I must have a newer version of this component because there was no notch on mine. I also can't understand why this was changed because you are right, it does make the rewinding of the coil a much simpler process. Reassembly is now complete and all seems to be functioning well thanks to you.

  7. I'm in the midst of doing this repair. My rope did snap and my Ariens Pro w/Briggs and Stratton 9.5hp. I have it all apart – bought new recoil, rope, pawls, etc. For some reason I can NOT get the "prong" on the spring to grab the tab on the cowling. I've been trying for about an hour now and don't want to dislodge the spring. Is there a trick to this???

    Really appreciate the videos!!!

  8. Thank you I have the exact same machine I had nothing but problems with it. The starter is broken the paws are broken and the auger belt broke and i hardly use it.

  9. don on this video on that pulley you melted a notch on that pulley there is a plastic pin that sticks up on the flat side of the pulley, do you have any idea why thats there?   dick bailey thankyou for your time

  10. Thanks a lot! I am certainly no mechanic, but I managed it. I did have to replace the rewind spring once during install, I couldn't get it to catch anywhere near as easy as you and ended up popping it out…. but no sweat the second go round!

  11. The pull cord broke about 6 inches from pull handle second season, defective cord. Do I have to take it apart as in video or can i just drill out rivets and retrieve it and tie it back on handle. Has lots of cord.

  12. Thanks- this video gave me confidence to proceed with the repair.  Next small engine item I purchase will be checked for ease of small repairs like this. There's got to be a better design  🙂    I'd be interested to hear your recommendation of which manufacturer or engine type is repair friendlier… 

  13. Thanks Great help! Showing part number help so much, I had so much trouble finding the right part until watching this video. You are a great instructor.

  14. Hey Dony thanks for the vid, what I do that saves me lots of aggravation is after you have it wound and you pull the string out I clamp the rope with a pair of vice-grips near the recoil so the rope doesn't shoot back in as you're trying to tie the handle!

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