How To Replace A Camshaft On A Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine with Taryl

In “Ricky Rat-Tail Returns” (another funny and informative video) Taryl shows you how to replace a bad camshaft on a Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine. Before and After the how-to, Taryl has his 2nd run in with local yokel Ricky Rat-Tail. He already stole his rat-tail once, let’s see if he can get it again. Tune in for more. And There’s Your Dinner!

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30 thoughts on “How To Replace A Camshaft On A Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine with Taryl

  1. I do this for a living, and if I had a dollar for every time I have heard this same "I rebuild small blocks and race car motors but I don't work on these small engines" I would have a pile of money! Trust me people this is a real thing it happens all the time, why? because people are nuts!

  2. Seriously? You got that crank that hot? That's forged steel! Oh hell no. If you get pulleys for that for 35 bucks, you're shopping at Briggs and Stratton. Plenty of aftermarket pulleys that are cheaper. No need to go to China for them either. Amazon, Ebay has plenty of options. Cranks run 100 dollars or more. Flying bits of metal from shattered crankshaft end and other various parts: Priceless!

    Folks, if you're a lay person doing a DIY job and you do this kind of work, you have to know what materials you're working with. I got 2 exact minutes into it and said no way. I have nothing against anyone but I'm a diesel mechanic and now do small engine work. Don't torch the crank.

  3. If people are making a big deal about the temperament of the pulley they're crazy the only thing you may have to worry about is a temperament of the crankshaft if it's a tempered crankshaft and you he didn't quench it like that you might just take the temper of the crankshaft and the RPM the engine may break the end of the crank off

  4. Oxygen and amphetamine torch!!!!!! That was for the ages! Why not whack it when it was red hot. Of course you can't touch it.

  5. Hey taryl u got a part number for that crank seal? I’m doing the same fix. I saw one that says seal-pto. Didn’t know if that was it

  6. Daryl where are you located I collect lawn boy mowers and would like to know if I can contact you about some repairs I would like to get done your videos are great and very much appreciated please keep them coming Dan F

  7. A Chevy mechanic can't fix a Briggs & Stratton WTF? Maybe you should let him put oil on the shaft.. I set my valves after TDC as B&S suggest. Back in the day, 2-cycle Detroit engines were set on valve lift like you stated.

  8. I am having the same issue and having to replace the camshaft. Your video is extremely helpful. The only thing I would recommend to everyone out there (like myself) that is gun shy to turning a wrench, be careful when removing the original camshaft. The taps and possibly the push rods can come loose. Make certain the push rods are seated against the rocker arms correctly when you reinstall the new camshaft. I found this out the hard way unfortunately. But once I got the new camshaft in place, it held the taps/push rods in place (seating correctly against the rocker arms). I pray that the new camshaft will last me another 3-4 yrs. The compression release section looks to be cheaply engineered.

  9. Man you are hilarious, how do you do a whole video with those teeth in your mouth, I see you have tee shirts and buttons for sale, but what about the teeth, I want a set of those, bwahahahahaa, great video !!!!!!

  10. I'm a broadcast video tech, mechanic, amateur phlebotomist and definitely not a Hillary supporter. Since I've realized how everything on tv and radio is propaganda delivered by attractive mental midgets, I can't hardly watch or listen anymore. I enjoy watching y'all way more than I'd care to admit, democracy comes to the world via bad acting from good people, thanks guys.

  11. Hey question. I took the cam shaft out and noticed there's some slight play in the pistons. It feels like it's equal between both. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that. I had a thrown valve rod (you did a video about it). I just am not sure about the play

  12. Verry instructive,i just don't understand if it necessery to put lock tite on the base bolt?
    They already have lock washer on them so…?

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