49 thoughts on “How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Riding Mower

  1. Yeah, I didn't see any videos that pertained to mine either. I have that bug pully under the battery cover as well. Got my belt but didn't do it yet. Mine is still really tight, but I think slips once in awhile. It's 8 or 9 years old.

  2. This helped me immensely! The spring on the back, came completely off, and now I can't figure out what it is supposed to connect to. Any guidance you can provide to me?

  3. helped me too… I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get the belt back on after it slipped off. Pulling the battery out gave me the access I needed and I was back up and running in about 5 minutes! thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the video. I replaced the upper belt for my parents last night. They don't make the original belt anymore for her model 693 16.5 kohler 42" 2 blade, but it looks exactly like your mower in the video. I took her old trashed belt to home depot and compared belts. I got a 38" Troy Bilt / MTD belt, #954-04062 / 754-04062 and it works just fine. Just a tidbit of info for anyone with the 693 or similar.

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  7. This is exactly what I need to do. This video will save me some serious cash if I can do it myself. Were do I find a replacement belt. Would Lowes have them? I have a 2003 Bolens.

  8. A monkey wrench might work too. Another way is to get a chain wrench. Slip the belt off the larger pulley and wrap the chain around the pulley. The chain wrench only works properly in one direction so make sure you put it on in the right direction. That should make it easier. I use one that looks like a vice-grip with a chain on it.

  9. Yeah, that's an old myth. Google "Snopes.com: Do Cement Floors Ruin Car Batteries?"
    I wish I could be of more help. I'm really no expert on mowers. Just tried to make a video that may help others who had my problem because there wasn't any vids. From my experience, and this is from 2 years ago, when I put the belt on it was a little loose. Then when I pulled the idler pulley spring back into place, the belt tightened up. But this was on my mower, I do not know if this works on others. Sorry.

  10. Just one question what the heck is the fan on the drive pulley for to keep your butt cool lol. Mine doesn't have that.

  11. i have a problem with the routing of the springs someone else took them off and I don't know where they go. Do you know where i might find a diagram? if so thanks for your help.

  12. I'm by no means an expert on riding mowers so I have no idea why yours isn't working.

    On my own mower, if I were to put on a new drive belt and it won't work because the belt is loose, I can only think that maybe the "idle spring" isn't reattached. That spring is extremely hard to pull back into place, but it is what tightens up the pulleys and puts the tension on the belts.

  13. It was definitely the most difficult part. I had to put a chain on it and pull it back with everything I had until the hook went back into the hole. Not fun.

  14. For me, I brought the old belt in, and they measured it. I just got a house brand belt. Thanks for the video, it was not an exact tutorial of what I needed, but it did give me the necessarily steps I was lacking. It was what I needed to get the job done.

  15. Sorry, I'm not really sure about the size or ID of the drive belt. I actually forget how I found it… it was a couple years ago when I shot this video. I believe I just googled it. Sorry, I can't be much help there.

  16. Wish you would have mentioned the size of that hydrostatice drive belt. Where did you get it? Could you please send me the size. I am ready to roll, mower just like yours, disassemble except for the front pulley. Please ID that drive belt for me. THANK YOU, have to do it this weekend sons are coming up they are almost 40, getting their help I hope.

  17. I'm not sure. I only have experience with my own mower and even then I had to Google everything. Sorry I couldn't be of help.

  18. pulley was frozen or welded on tight. couldnt take it off so i took off pulley out on the other end and bent the belt guards to slide belt in. video really helped me out. thank you very much. it good to know that some people are willing to help out. have a good day!

  19. @TheGuitar1952 I'm not really sure. A lot of these mowers are built differently. Maybe it just has to be wiggled around or knocked loose with a hammer, it may be stuck. Sorry, wish I could help.

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