30 thoughts on “How to replace a head gasket Briggs & Stratton

  1. Amazing video! I I just purchased the exact same mower with 85 hours, looks like a new machine, started like it should until i got to use it for the first time for 30 minutes, white smoke started to build up clouds…LOL… looked at the oil stick it was black so i Changed the oil and filter spark plug, started few minutes later same thing, then i smelled gas in the oil stick, drained the oil again put a new carburetor, new spark plug, new air filter, new fuel filter fresh oil started it nicely, again after 30 minutes or so same thing, way less smoke but still smoky!! i still smell little gas in the oil stick, I am assuming that the next thing would be the head gasket and the fuel pump? what else could it be? any suggestions? thank you!

  2. Great video but I have one question concerning the valve cover. Permatex suggests installing the valve cover finger tight as soon as the Ultra Grey is applied, then snugging it down one hour later as it begins to dry. Is this procedure necessary? I noticed you did not wait. Also, should I do anything differently since I'm working in a cold garage (about 35-40 degrees). Thanks!

  3. I have never had nerve enough to tear down a head. This video was perfect but I would add just a little about cleaning the aluminum head even giving demonstration and examples of different things to use. The only tricky part was the feeler gauge adjustments but after everything was back together mine cranked and ran great. Thanks so much for this video

  4. an ex gf bought one brand new 3 years ago . simplicity mf zero turn .
    the head gasket didn't even last 3 seasons before it started blowing blue smoke .
    this issues needs to be taken to court and a law**suit .
    its obviously a manufacture default defective product .
    its also obvious that they know of this issue and still remain to sell these defective products .
    and the warranty hrs proves this without a doubt .
    the head gasket is known to fail after said amount of running hrs .

  5. You say on the torque to go to 20. It would be helpful if you stated the units. I take it this is 20lb/ft ? After a fair bit of searching I found my engine is 220 inch pounds = 18lb ft = 24.5 Nm. Otherwise helpful video.

  6. Great Video. Just noticed the first puff of white smoke from around the exhaust. I have about 10 hours of fall lawn sweeping to do before I could lay my machine up for an extended time. After the first smoke detection, do I have a little time before the work with out damaging the engine?

  7. Why not retorque the head bolts when you get them uncovered. Then you would know for sure if it had a blown head gasket there would be some very loose headbolts.

  8. I believe a bad head gasket is the cause for my obnoxious amount of white smoke blowing out of exhaust. Do I need to mess with the valves? Or can I just go ahead and replace the gasket?

  9. You cleaned off the piston and everything, I noticed that you didn't clean the head, it shows that there was a lot of burnt carbon dirt on it and you just left it dirty. Was there a reason for that? Should you clean the head or not? Thanks in advance.

  10. So did this a couple weeks ago on a 4 year old 21HP for a buddy. Took off the factory head gasket and right where they always blow between the bore and the lifter pocket is a deep nick ( .030 deep ) about half the surface across the area that the gasket seals on. Worked at Briggs from 1977-1991, nice to see quality control is still piss poor. Told my buddy to expect to do this again in the future.

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