23 thoughts on “How To Replace a Lawnmower Brake Cable

  1. My issue is similar. But my brake cable on the handle of the mower is different and that's my problem. The plastic piece broke and I think it is attached to the rod . It holds both the brake cable and the self-propelled cable. I need the cable and the broken plastic connector on the rod handle.

  2. I cant find the cable for my JC Penny (don't have a model number anywhere on the mower) it has  Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP engine.  Is there a universal cable available, it has to be at least 60 inches long..

  3. I knew I could fix this…Easy..But Nooooo….we had to take it to a shop…because I am a female and am too stupid to fix a lawn mower…I am not too stupid to push one for three hours on a 29 degree day while he sits at home watching tv and eating toast with blueberry jam…hey..maybe I am stupid…or else I would have stayed in bed.

  4. sweet jacket lol… thanks for this video and the pull cable video.  Very helpful step by step and spoken clearly and precisely.  please keep making helpful vids, THANKS

  5. Very good job at explaining in detail how to replace a cord. I am putting the lawn mower together and I was very happy up until I had to install the brake cord because the instructions were not as detailed! Thank you so much for the video keep up the good work.

  6. I totally bypassed the blade brake on my push mower!  Too much of a damn inconvenience to be starting and stopping the mower all the time.

  7. I wish you showed how to access the ignition coil grounding wire at its contact point on the engine case; I've read on the internet that it is only accessible by removing the flywheel.

  8. donyboy73 I tell people about you all the time ,NOW i need your "HELP" THIS lawnmower is a 2013 B/S come from sears I pull the brake stop thing so I can pull the rope It pop out the cable So I follow the whole cable down I DON"T SEE no broke CABLE so i pop it back in place try to pull rope and it seen a little hard to pull It's a B/S 6.50 HP , DO IT NEED WD-40 oil

  9. Hi Dony,
    Is there an adjustment that needs to be done or could be done?
    The cable on my mower is good but in order to start it i have to squeeze the brake while holding the bail down…
    Then pull the starter and mower starts right up…

    i'm thinking it needs an adjustment or sorts or the cable is stretched out….
    please advise….

    Thank you…

  10. Remove the cable the minute you buy a mower. Rig the kill switch by reversing the spring or however you want to keep it from grounding out. Then crank and mow. To turn it off, push the kill switch until it grounds out (killing the mower). If you fixed the switch in the on position, use a screwdriver or piece of metal to make the connection and stop the mower. This is how mowers used to be before men became big fat stupid pussies. You can then run the mower without holding down a gay kill switch like a little girl. You can step away from the mower to grab whatever without it cutting off. You can do this because you are a grown up responsible man. Not a pussy.

  11. hello. I noticed my safety lever it what ever it is, disappeared. somehow it's not on my lawn mower so I can't hook up the brake cable.. any way I can fix this? or what to look for

  12. My brake cable doesn't seem to work correctly. When I let go of the control bar, the mower doesn't want to shut off and the control bar doesn't go back down very far. Do I need a new brake cable or what's up here; can you help?

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