How to replace a starter gear on Briggs and Stratton Starters (both rollpin and C clip type)

In this video i show how to remove and replace a starter gear on briggs and stratton starters. Best to have a tool to remove the c clips, this how to if you don’t have the tool, like me. Thanks for watching.



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  1. Thanks heaps for posting this vid.My starter failed yesterday, the gear had jammed itself at 45 degrees  between the outside cover and the edge of the teeth of the ring gear.My big problem was although I found all the missing bits that were scattered down the driveway,  I didn't have a clue if was all there or how it fitted together. Now thanks to your vid I have learned some thing useful.Obviously, the locking clip failed. It was also found it on the driveway.Once again, thanks mate. Cheers

  2. it is easier to take a deep well socket the correct size and set the snap ring on the tapered end of the shaft and a large enough c clamp ir vice and screw the c clamp into position until it seats. i have tried the method in the video and sprung the snap ring to the point it would not hold this is the method briggs tech school teaches

  3. Thank you. Hey what about the shaft? Does the C clamp starter come apart the same way as the other. You had a video taking apart the other starter.

  4. At the end (after assembly), forget WD-40 – it is junk, has been for years. Use BLASTER. It is super for Disassemby of terribly difficult & frozen parts. Use patience and let it soak a bit, 10 minutes or overnight, as needed, pretty good preservative and as an assembly lubricant too.
    Removing the C-Clip IS very difficult (stupid B&S, Drift Pin is better and easier, but there is are disassembly / assembly tools available (worth it in the long run). Only took me 2 HOURS to get that tenacious C-clip off (Old Age is only for the brave), but C and Split rings do hold very well if properly installed. When he has the C-Clip mostly off, as in the video, use your Fingers or Needle Nose or small Vice Grips to grab the C-Clip and NOT shoot it across the garage. When it is off as far is the video shows, fingers work fine. When you have a good grip on the clip, a rag or paper towel draped over the work area can help restrain that "Rocketing" C-Clip. This is a very hard C-Clip, my Dremel would not cut it. Small sturdy screwdrivers work and do a good job on your fingers too, if not careful.
    Manlybydesign's GREASE is a good "hold it in place" set of fingers "tool. And then a socket that just fits over the shaft or a piece of Copper Pipe (cut SQUARE on the Clip-end and it is softer and not as slippery as a socket)makes a decent tap the C-clip back in place driver along with a LIGHT weight ball Peen Hammer (4 oz. is fine) and small enough (made mine in Livingston N.J. High School = Lancers) back about 1953 and it still works just fine (Thanks Mr. Ayres and LHS. St. Johns Elementary and LHS taught me more useful things for my life than 7+ years of colleges, except for Algebra, Trig, CAD and Physics and some XXX years of blue and white collar tech courses, except for SCUBA – Yea!
    B&S's Pinion is not all that good of a material either, but it beats replacing the ring gear as the part designed to fail. Happy frustrating yourselves folks,
    Or get a woman to do it – they have smaller fingers and more patience.

    "When you stop Learning, it is Time to Die." = a direct quite from mr. nobody = me!

  5. Turned out I had to go to a completely different type of OUTSIDE Snap Ring. I just could not get the required ring in. And I was not about to buy a tool for over $40.00 that I would use just this one time.
    Good info on the Chamfered side up (for the pinion). Mine was not labeled in any way, but I deduced that the chamfered side would engage the Ring Gear a lot easier than the "flat" side, just like a car's starter pinion.
    Sure appreciate you folks who take the time to make these videos. Have done lots of these things many years ago and then forgot after not having done "whatever" again for 50 years or so.
    I understand that when WD-40 (so named 'cuz it took its inventor 40 tries to come up with the formula) sold many years ago the new owners significantly raised the water content in it. No idea if this is true or just Camel Poop, but Blaster works just fine for me. Thank you.

  6. Hey I had a question. That shaft that sticks out the starter where the gears/bearings goes, is it supposed to have and slack. Is it suppress to wiggle?

  7. use a paint marker to color the c ring, if you lift the c ring alittle get a piece of floss tied on it before it takes off

  8. To get the "C" clip installed grease the shaft, center the clip, then put the brass nut from a 1/4" compression fitting over it and tap with a hammer. The hole in the nut is just the right size to let the shaft go through and seat the clip.

  9. Thanks so much for making this video and sharing it. I've been working on one of my cub cadets on and off for about four days trying o figure out how to repair the starter gear. Biggest problem was getting yo the you bolt attaching the starter to the engine. It was almost impossible to get to. I gab yo grind down a 13mm socket to make it small enough to get into the very small space surrounding the bolt. Once that was done, I was able O get the starter out and on a bench where your video showed me how to drive out the roll pin. Piece of cake thanks to your help!!

  10. So are the motors interchangeable? I need to replace the whole motor. My setup presently but I can not find a motor with the rollpin gear setup. Can I replace the starter with the c-clip gear setup?

  11. Thank you! This was EXACTLY what I needed to fix my starter!!

    ALL the teeth on my starter were completely stripped away. This is going to save me a couple bucks for sure! (By couple, I mean a trip or call to a mobile small-engine repair guy, easily $30-$50 for this type of service call.)

  12. Hi, would you happen to know if these starters are interchangable? My dad has a Craftsman LT1000 which uses the clip style. I have a good roll pin starter. The measurements seem the same as well as the gear travel, the only difference seems to be the roll pin starter is a little longer cause of the top spring. Hope this made sense. Thanks

  13. Great video! But how come all the Briggs and Stratton kits "495878" don't show that sneaky little washer that's hiding under that black plastic cup? Is it needed? Does this normally always show up under other starters? I'm curious because I just refurbished an older B&S starter and the owner lost everything from the chewed flywheel gear and up. From what I can also see on my spare larger B&S starter, it doesn't seem to have that washer either and it has never been taken apart before.

  14. Important note when removing the C-clip from the 2nd half of this video is to do it with the starter inside a large one-gallon zip lock bag. This way when the C-clip flies off it will stay inside the bag rather than be flying across the room into oblivion, never to be found again.

  15. Hello, my name is Renee and I love your very understandable videos.. My son have been trying to figure out how to fix the starter that gets stuck in up position when started, can it be fixed or is it bad. Please answer soon thank you

  16. Thanks for this video , you just saved me from having to buy a whole new starter. ….( you're right though,..that damned clip !! )

  17. cheers dude. I somehow found a free MTD 1994 rear engine in my home town in Australia for Free. I went to start it after a few starts and bang! the gear actually snapped in half. oh well the 10.5hp Briggs and Stratton works alright. thanks for the vid

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