How To Replace An Alternator On A Briggs & Stratton Engine – with Taryl

In “Ronnie Runs The Credit Card Company”, Taryl goes over the proper way to replace an alternator on this 14.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Before and after the fix, local con artist, Ronnie Jergenstein, tries selling Taryl on switching over to his new credit card company. Check it all out here for another hilarious yet educational how-to video from Taryl and Co! Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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33 thoughts on “How To Replace An Alternator On A Briggs & Stratton Engine – with Taryl

  1. THIS is sooo funny AND VERY INFORMATIVE! The BEST information I've seen about fixing my lawn tractor. Most of the vids by others I've seen are really BAD and not well done…(Not informative either) THANK YOU Taryl…made my day!!!

  2. my grandpa still owns an auto brake shop and about 10 years ago he had got done doing a water pump on a buick lesabre and started it went to wash his hands and piss and forgot about it(very very quiet engines so its not hard) and started writing up the bill and the bay doors were shut because it was winter. well my mom got a call and it was my grandpa, he said a mumble and she heard the phone drop and THANK GOD his shop was less than 2 minutes from my mom and dads house because she flew over there in her car and picked him up off the ground. carbon monoxide took over that little 3 bay shop very quick and that was after almost 40 years of working on engines a HUGE wake up call to ALWAYS make sure you have good ventilation when working on gas engines. stay safe guys ✌

  3. great video Taryl. I went to school for small engine repair and always enjoy your vids man and learn a few tricks along the way. take care ✌ much love from st louis MO

  4. You guys are the best…real funny skit…LMAO!!! Champion repair Taryl! Not too proud to admit, I lost plenty skin and blood using screwdrivers on those starter ring clips.

  5. Wow! He aint kidding. 20k to 30,000 people get sick from carbon monoxide sickness each year, and 500 people die every year. 500 a year is low, I bet it's more than that. Every winter you see a couple die right around where I live on the news.

  6. Taryl, forgot one more thing. What engines do you prefer, Overhead valve engine or L head engine ???? Which is better, stronger, longer lasting ??? Peace

  7. Hello Taryl, can you please tell me what was the largest HP Briggs engine made without overhead valves ??? Vertical shaft engine !!!!! Thanks again.

  8. wooooooooooooooooooooooooo hey taryl i replaced my alternator on my craftsman mower and its still not charging the batchery imo the voltage meter is still on the left of center what do you think is going on thanks taryl

  9. Great video as always. I have that same mower and I got so fed-up with those starters I converted mine to a pull start. So when the starter wants to play dead at least I can pull start the dang thing. And yes; that plastic flywheel went right into the trash. Do you by chance happen to know the model number of that mower? My sticker fell off.  Thank you. and thank you for the valve adjust video on same engine.

  10. Can you take one of these B&S motors that came with a low slow amp alternator and put the higher amp quick charge alt in it's place easily like just a swap? Or does it require more alterations?

  11. Really good editing. Well done. The two of you are great. I almost wish Taryl and Slippers were regulars. Taryl is awesome, and so is Slippers BTW., is a carbatrator, a carburetor that breaks and betrays you??

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