HOW TO Replace Briggs Lawnmower Primer Bulb

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HOW TO Replace the primer on your lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Visit my channel for more repair videos;



46 thoughts on “HOW TO Replace Briggs Lawnmower Primer Bulb

  1. Perfect!!! The socket trick was terrific! For the first time in YEARS I can start my mower without having to remove the air cleaner and dribble in some gas. I put a little Vaseline on the bulb before insertion and it practically self installed,…with the help of the 17mm deep well socket.

  2. Excellent videos donyboy73. Clear, concise and very useful. Love the accent too. Its like watching a episode of Fargo. (Greetings from Australia)

  3. Dony, I used this to fix the bulb on a 6.5 Intek Edge. I had to use a 19mm for that neat trick of getting it to seat (guess it is bigger on the larger engine). Still unable to get it started.
     I have replaced the gas line, cleaned the carb, put in a new needle and that tiny rubber seat that goes under the needle (used the new one), new bowl gasket and using new gasoline. I can get it to turn over once with starter spray; the bulb sounds like it is working. No leaks. I am doing this with new air filter on, but air cover off. I have liquid wrenched what I take to be either the choke control or throttle control just above the bulb and have LWRenchedthe connections from the hold down start that run along the other side of the mower. I do not see any movement in the area of the "auto-throttle control"-the main rod only moves with me pushing it, the tiny spring at the end is old, but not moving w/o some motor force. as I am used to seeing in running motors. If you have posted a video on something like this, I would appreciate the link. The mower may be as old as 2001 (Scott/John Deere with B&S)-spark plug looked ok, gaped correctly.
    Again, thanks for you videos. Erving

  4. Thank you!!! I had a modern BS with a torn Primer, and an older 3.75hp BS with a Primer in decent condition. I used your video to swap the Primers out and the newer BS works like a champ.
    I now feel like a mechanic, lol. My father-inlaw will be so proud of me.

  5. My old bulb was mush.  The tip of the deep socket to push with was good. I expected a click sound, but never got it.  This video $aved me money.  The only way to better the video is to explain that solid primer bulbs prime fuel, while bulbs with holes prime air.  Most people will need a solid [no hole] bulb.

  6. I cannot thank you enough for your demonstration on replacing a primer bulb. My bulb on my Briggs/Stratton motor cracked at the end of last summer. With summer on us now and after borrowing my neighbor's mower for my first mowing, I have been dreading buying a new mower. I'm thankful I checked on here first! I'm going out today to get a new bulb and should have it replaced in a very short time, thanks to you! I've installed electrical lighting, built my own deck with a roof, but have never worked on engines (other than replacing spark plugs and changing oil). Now instead of a new mower, I hope to get another 7 years out of the one I have, which still runs great! THANKS AGAIN! Women….Do It Yourself!!!!

  7. ? Big Thumbs Up! I just finished the install and the new primer bulb works great. The 17mm trick worked great too for installing the bulb.

  8. Thanks very much for this informative video. My son has just asked me to look at his mower because the primer bulb is pushed in and doesn't return out. I'll give it a go using your video as a guide. Thanks again.

  9. never mind about the sound, It worked the 3rd time i played the video. I also forgot to thank you for the video although my red ring did not just slip off.still stuck, anyone have an idea?

  10. I can't believe I found this video on Youtube. This is exactly the job I've been trying to do. Part number too. I wish you had videos on everything because you are concise, to the point, and with great sound quality. Thank you.

  11. Some people talked about a spring & ball falling out when primer bulb removed your video did not show anything about this would i encounter this when removing mthe bulb?

  12. Donyboy I need the primer blub you showed inthis video but I don;t known which one to get nor can I find it anywhere. Can you give me a link or a part number please ?

  13. Hi,donnyboy. I enjoy your comments on you tube.I have aBriggs and Stratten push mower 1981. It takes almost 20 times to start it, have changed the spark plug but unable to locate the primer. Are you able to guide me to locate the position of this.

  14. Brilliant explanation, Clear and concise. Explained fully and also more importantly explained what differences there may be e.g. red cover may not be present and there may be a red bulb rather than a black one in demonstration. Thanks a bundle Johan, you're a star

  15. Hi, thank you so much for your very informative videos. I am not a hands-on person and I am kind of afraid of touching tools. With the help of your videos, I was able to clean up the carburator but I think that I will need to get a new one. I have the same lawnmower in your video. It's a 3.5HP Classic Brigg and Stratton. Could you please tell me where to locate the carburator number ?

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