How to replace Briggs & Stratton Intek Head Gasket Pt.1

Part 1 of how to remove old gasket and clean the head surfaces and cylinder.
Intek head gasket failures are VERY common, and cause most of these engine to burn up their oil and blow rods. Hope this helps.


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33 thoughts on “How to replace Briggs & Stratton Intek Head Gasket Pt.1

  1. Watched your video about 5 times. The problem was there was a lot of smoke and also oil pouring through the air filter. My Briggs and Stratton was slightly different, but pretty close. Took it apart piece by piece like you said. Bare in mind I am a rookie and have zero experience whatsoever. I got to the head gasket, replaced it and put back together as best I could. On first start up there was some smoke, but I think that was the excess oil burning off. After about a minute the smoke disappeared and it runs like a champ!!! I cant thank you enough! This was my first mechanic repair and I'm excited!!! I owe it all to you. This was THE BEST help video I have ever seen! You have a gift and I appreciate the help! Money well saved! Head gasket and new air filter only cost me $10, as opposed to a new mower which would have been around $250 to $300. THANKS!!

  2. I was having problems with my mower (oil was puking out of my fuel pump) so I replaced it with the same result. After looking on the net it seemed like it must be the head gasket.  I figured I was going to have to call Sears for a service call, but the I looked and found your video.  I figured Id give it a go, and ordered the gasket.  I followed your vid with my laptop in my garage, and it went perfectly!!! I even set the valves with the feeler gauges I bought after seeing this vid. this video saved me what I believe hundreds of dollars and now my mower runs better that it did from the factory!  I definitely owe you a cold brew if your ever up in Massachusetts!!!  Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for these videos. I was able to diagnose and fix my blown head gasket! Saved me hundreds and waiting two weeks for the Sears repair guy. I bought a set of gaskets and replace the valve stem thing. THanks again

  4. Hey, Alex– I have this engine on a Craftsman DYT 4000.  It's "eating" fuel pumps. I replace them and their gone, sometimes in 2 laps around the yard.  I read on another forum that a bad head gasket could do this, because it leaks into the crankcase, which over-pressurizes the crankcase, thereby over-pressurizing the pulse tube, which pops the diaphragm in the fuel pump.  Sounds plausible to me, but thought I'd run it by you before I tear into it.  Could anything else be killing these fuel pumps so quickly?  BTW, it runs fine, but has backfired once.  Doesn't seem to smoke or burn oil.

  5. Notice the spacing between the head bolts, where the gasket fails?

    There's a very large span between those two head bolts.  With high cylinder head pressures, it's no wonder that these gaskets are failing, and causing all sorts of issues.  
    It might be necessary to acquire a better designed gasket that can't blow out.  Some gasket designs have used a steel crimp ring around the piston.  Other designs, are several layers of steel that are glued together.  Whatever the design, it has to be strong enough to hold up to the large span between the two head bolts.  There's not enough clamping force to hold the original designed gasket in place.

  6. Fabulous video!  Shop was booking appointments 4-6 weeks out, and I needed to cut the grass.  I decided to try to fix it myself, and this video was the foundation for the repair.  I have never worked on any sort of engine before, and still can't name all the parts (LOL), but I changed the head gasket (yep, blown in the same spot), and it's running well.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS, ALEX!

  7. Alex,

    My Craftsman LT1000 Briggs & Stratton 17HP needs a new head gasket. In one of your videos (I forget which) you mentioned someone that sells a thicker head gasket. I don't remember which video it was. Would you tell me who sells those gaskets? Thanks.

  8. Just did a rebuild on my v-twin B&G Intek 22 HP engine… thanks for this video as it really helped.  I noticed after the rebuild of the gaskets though I am still smoking.  It appears that oil is dripping from the head gasket now still even though I put a new one on it (old one was not blown, but the OHV gasket was bad.., I replaced both though).  Can I just take it apart again, REUSE the new gaskets that I just put on and just re-torque everything down a little tighter this time and see if that works, or do I need to buy all new gaskets again?

  9. I've got a question and a point to make.  Why does no one use the copper spray on gaskets like that to make them seal better?  Don't know about it or something?  If I went to all that trouble I'd want to try to make it last as long as possible.  Also, you need to point out that it's important to keep up with which push rod went where because one is heat treated and one is not.

  10. Thanks for this – just replaced mine over the course of 2 days (ordered gaskets from Amazon) and, after also replacing a faulty starter solenoid, the old girl fired right up. So satisfying! Thank you!

  11. Hi Alex:

    Thanks for a great video showing how to replace head gasket.  My Cub Cadet LT1024 B&S 446777  engine has developed severe oil leak which drips onto the frame then drips on the hot muffler.  Base gasket ( called the sump?) seems dry and OK.  Oil drips from above that point. (OHV cover dry with no leak)   Don't see any smoke from the exhaust itself though.  Anyway I've ordered new head gasket and with your video think I can do it myself.  Thanks again for your effort helping others.


  12. What would make it take a huge gulp of oil and blow heavy blue oil smoke ONLY when the tractor is leaning heavily to the left or right? Flat ground, never smokes. Starts easly and runs great otherwise.

  13. I found this video because I replaced my starter, once replaced I fired up my mower and it ran very rough, and smoked a ton. So I followed your video, when I started taking out the bolts on the head cover a lot of oil drained out. I looked at my head gasket and it looked fine. Do you have any idea why there was so much oil in my head cover?

  14. Help, I screwed up. I broke one of the head gasket bolts when tightening. I was using a torque wrench and it was set to 18 ft/lbs. I ran through the tightening sequence and started with 10 ft lbs and slowly went up from there but nonetheless I broke off one of the bolts. I broke off the bolt that was #1 in the tightening sequence (bottom center). I put everything back together ant the motor starts and runs fine. I only ran it for 5 minutes and all seems okay but I'm pretty sure that is only temporary. What are my options for repair at this point? Thanks in advance

  15. I like to adjust the valves too on these engines. Seems they get out of whack and early on cause hard starting. Good stuff, nice job.

  16. I fitted a new cylinder head to my sisters friends mower yesterday,it took 3 hours to fit it & start the engine up,she was saying it was using oil & I explained to her that the blown head gasket was the likely cause of the engine burning oil as oil was getting sucked in from around where the pushrods travel.
    Well , it started first go and doesn't blow any smoke apart from the oil residue which is getting burnt off from when the engine was actually burning oil,I had to clean the cooling fins on the engines cylinder as they got clogged up with dirt & oil so I believe the engine may have also been overheating as well.

  17. When I take off the valve cover I've got some oil in there on the rocker arm, etc.. Is that a symptom of a bad head gasket? I replaced the current one about 4 years/200 hrs ago. Would it need it again so soon? The problem is the mower won't start and it backfires.

  18. I have a 2008 Husqvarna 2654 with the same engine. I have 9 hours of use and I just recently discovered it is leaking oil when off. Its been sitting in the barn for the past 8 months. I spotted a small puddle of oil underneath the front of the engine. I took the hood off along with the twin carb. The oil seems to be leaking directly behind the carb. It is toward the top of the engine then it flows downward. Any ideas on what this can be?

  19. I know you posted this two part video 4 years ago, but wanted to thank you for a fantastic instructional step by step walk-through for replacing blown head gasket. I'm not the brightest bulb when it comes to mechanical projects, but was able to follow your guidance and recommendations and my efforts were successful! You were a wonderful teacher and Craftsman ride on is now working perfectly, no smoke…NICE! I was a little worried when I fist started it after repair, because it started smoking again, but realized that it was the oil that had been forced down into the muffler during blown gasket phase, and after a few minutes running, expelled oil was burning off. WHEW, had me worried there for a minute. Again, thanks for being such a great teacher!

  20. Excellent series of 3 videos. Used them to replace head gasket for my Eztrak Z235 mower with Intek 31P777 engine. Oil was pouring out of the fuel pump, enough that I had to add a bit after each mow. Replacing head gasket seems to have solved problem.

  21. Any time you remove a head whether OHV or L head,its a great idea to clean or lap the valves.This will help especially a old mower that has built up carbon or the valve stems clearances have closed.The valves drop with age and wear.People sit perfectly good equipment on the curb thinking its junk.Lap and gap your valves and bring it back to life.

  22. Thanks for the great video. I followed your video and was successfully able to replace the head gasket, better yet it seems to running pretty good. You probably saved me $500+ for repair or $1500 for new. Again thanks.

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