11 thoughts on “How To Replace Craftsman Lawn mower Primer Bulb DIY fix

  1. Good clear video…Mine takes about 80-100 pushes to prime the damn thing, so I'll replace the primer bulb and see what happens….Thanks for this video bud.

  2. hi i got a mastercraf 6.0 i got a lots of gaz comming out of the air filther and mufler leking a lots …what im am supos to dou…TY

  3. Megalodon1

    Have you ever experienced the two problems, I am having with a new primer bulb installation, that I write about below?

    I received my new primer bulb, I went to slide the provided lock ring over top of the new bulb and the new ring hangs up on the bulb, about half way down.

    I buckled, or "Squished" the sides of the bulb in and the ring still wanted to hang up about 1/4" from the bottom. The fit is tight enough that I don't want to rip a hole in the base of the bulb so I stopped and didn't force anything

    The garage is still pretty cold and the wall thickness in the bulb seems pretty thick so I am going to heat the bulb up a little to make it more pliable and see if this makes a difference on the lock ring/base fit

    My other problem was I grabbed my sockets to figure out the correct socket to use. I can't remember what size I grabbed, a 19mm I am pretty sure but the problem I had was the top, enclosed part of the bulb wasn't close to fitting inside of the socket

    I grabbed a size larger socket, this socket fir over the bulb but then was to wide to center on the lock ring and the bottom of the socket laid on the edge of the lock tabs and I can't use this socket without pounding the tabs flat, or is it impossible to pound the lock tabs flat since there isn't very much clearance between the tips of the tabs and the inside of the housing that protects the bulb?

    Sorry this i so long but I try and explain things in detail so there is no confusion of what my two problems are

    Thank You

  4. I got the new primer bulb thinking it would be a simple fix, thanks to you it was! I swear I messed with it for an hour before looking it up, thanks for the post!

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