How to Replace Crankshaft Oil Seal and Crankcase Gasket on 5 HP Briggs (similar on any small engine) – best place to buy parts from!!!
I use Supertech brand carburetor cleaner and penetrating oil, works great and is reasonbly priced, also for the outside I use purple power mixed 75/25 (PP / Water)
In depth video on replacing leaking oil seals and crankcase / oil sump gaskets, using a 5 horse as a example, very similar on just about any small engine. Thanks for Watching!!!



38 thoughts on “How to Replace Crankshaft Oil Seal and Crankcase Gasket on 5 HP Briggs (similar on any small engine)

  1. Your welcome, well I just had it off because i was doing some carburetor work on it to (didn't make a video, might do a 5 horse carb video later on). Thanks for Watching!!!

  2. Thanks. most of the time i do, sometimes I use permatex #2 Form-a-Gasket along with the gasket, i've never had a crankcase gasket leak dry though, now on valve covers on ohv motors, i always use a little formagasket with the gasket. Thanks for Watching!!!

  3. It would probably not get oiled right and burn the seal out from friction, also it would probably get damaged while installing, since you would have to press on the rubber part instead of the metal casing on the front side. haha i know right, there's always something in the background hahaha Thanks for Watching!!!

  4. Thanks for your videos; I have found them most instructive especially the 4 video engine rebuild as that is what I am having to do (hole in crankcase too (JB WELD me thinks)). Keep them coming.

  5. you should join us n southern offroad mowers on facebook. great place to be if your into mowers. we have alot of fun and could always use another handy man to give awesome repair advise. thanks man. you vids are awesome. 

  6. I was wondering on how much oil to put into these motors, I have always filled to the first thread while the motor was flat on a level spot is this correct

  7. I live in Hawaii and have to mow my lawn every 5-7 days because it grows so much. My Briggs & Stratton 550ex suddenly sounded different, then started blowing white smoke & leaking oil. I changed spark plug, air filter (which had a lot of oil in the lower part) and took the carburetor apart and cleaned and checked pin, etc. Sounds much better but now leaking even MORE oil – into air filter and right under the muffler. i watched your video on replacing crankshaft (great video by the way) – do you think that is what the problem may be? Thanks! or as we say here in hawaii Mahalo

  8. I have a couple of Briggs 5 hp engines and I loved this video…. Can you tell me how many oz's of oil you put in when you refill / replace the oil ….. Thanks Warren

  9. This is a great video; you make things look so easy, and you do cut away to keep them short. I have a 149cc scooter and three lawn mowers, would they all be about the same? Also, what if my scooter (GY6) has no owners or service manual, does that matter? Thank you!

  10. I watch a good deal of how-to videos.  I wish they could all be this informative and concise.  I'm rebuilding 5HP B&S with my son and it's so useful to have resources like this.  Thanks!

  11. Nice vid but you don't need to take the crank case cover off to remove a oil seal. Screw a screw into the seal and pull on the screw with a pliers, always works for me.

  12. Is it better to remove the seal sand as much of the rust off with a cloth sanding strip and apply heat with a propane torch to the Aluminum sump to swell the sump to get the sump off the Crank Shaft if it is rusted?I have seen people use a screw driver to pry the sump,but I believe it would damage the machine surface and cause a leak in the sump gasket.

  13. My Craftmans 6.5 hp lawnmower leaking oil from around the top of the engine.I think it must be the engine top gasket that might have to be replace.Oil some how leaks out a little from the top and then the oil come down/out on the outside wall.It gets worst during the summer 90,100 degrees heat.Now it leaks out a little more oil getting the engine more dirty oily around the engine.It's not leaking under the motor.I had to refill it with oil after cutting the lawn second time three weeks apart.This motor is quieter than a 5,5.5 hp motor with a nice motor sound like a Harley Davidson engine 😀

  14. I need to change the crankshaft oil seal on my 3.5 tecumseh from a troybilt chipper. I can't get the blade off. what kind of puller will help me get it off? thanks

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