How To Replace/Diagnose electric starter on Opposed Twin Briggs and Stratton

Use white lithium grease on starter gear and the starter part number is : 497596.


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20 thoughts on “How To Replace/Diagnose electric starter on Opposed Twin Briggs and Stratton

  1. No I already fixed that you could see all my channel thing runs like brand new now my next challenge is to find a belt that fits my belt is pretty worn

  2. What do you do when you have a 14 hp Briggs & Stratton flat head to pose like yours, and you jump it with a 12 V battery right to your Starter and you still get a slow start.

  3. Briggs tells you not to use emory cloth to clean up where the brushes contact, as the emory embeds in the copper and will cause premature brush wear.

  4. my starter looks the same but with a different mounting plate on it. I was wondering if there was a difference between single cylinder and twin cylinder starters because I have burned out 2 single cylinder starters that was on my twin. I just bought a new twin cylinder starter but with a different mounting plate and the starter is bigger than my single cylinder starter???

  5. i replaced pto buttom, fuse,selnoid, spelled wrong, starter , plugs. still not running.turns over great but won't crank. it was turned up on rear wheels to replace blades. is it just not getting fuel and how do i fix? was just starter to begin with and i was to to replace selnoid at same time. oh yeah it's a La130 john deere

  6. Quite often I've lucked out just spraying lube down the shaft of the starter and let it sit a couple of hours while its still mounted. You forgot to mentionĀ there's a detent under the fly wheel that you line up to get the bolt out.

  7. Hi Alex S, did you able to figure out what's the cause of kick back? I just bought a 15yr old ride mower with the same engine you have and it always has kick back. It always won't start the first time I attempt to start. I already adjusted the gaps of the valves but still the same. It has new a new battery, and new 5/30 synthetic oil in it but I haven't touch the starter yet. Do you think it's a starter problem? It starts though on the second time like what you did on the video. Thanks.

  8. Bad battery or loose wiring somewhere, clean all the wiring terminals. Could also be a bad starter, maybe take it apart and clean/inspect the brushes.

  9. i have a 17hp opposed twin that will turn over very slow then when it gets to the compression stroke it wont turn over with the starter,i took both the plugs out and it turns over fast,what could it be?

  10. Thanks MultiKhaz. I've a John Deere I'm tinkering on, and it's having the same issues. Once I get some torx tools, I will be doing much the same. Keep up the great work.

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