How to replace drive belt on Craftsman 22″ Front wheel drive mower

This video shows how to replace the drive belt on older model 22″ front wheel drive push mowers. This will also apply to other Poulan and Husqvarna/AYP products. The same idea applies to the 21″ models but they use a different belt parts #.


22″ Drive belt: 146527 superseded by 157769 or 137078
Drive Pulley:194126
21″ Drive Belt for 2000-02 model: 166060
21″ for some other models: 196857

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33 thoughts on “How to replace drive belt on Craftsman 22″ Front wheel drive mower

  1. Just trash picked one of these yesterday and will tinker / diagnose this week. I will need a spark plug, air filter and probably linkage springs to get it running and more than likely new drive belt and pulley. In your opinion is it worth it? What say ye?

  2. i cut a slot in the plastic belt cover and was able to slip it off the shaft. Hopefully when i get the replacement belt the cover will stay on fine and the slot won't let too much debris in.

  3. I have a similar mower. Next to the front pully is a spring connected to the clutch lever and cable. Is there anyway to change that spring out? Thats my problem and i can not figure out how to replace the spring.

  4. Any way to completely remove the self propelled feature? My yard is tiny and I don't need it. Seems like it would reduce done of the front end weight. The front wheels seem to have a little tension on them.

  5. I have almost same mower, but have run into an issue. My front drive pulley has the nut attached to the pulley, so nut and pulley are one piece. I am having an issue with holding the shaft so I can use my impact driver to remove the pulley. When I put the driver on it, the entire pulley and shaft rotate. Any suggestions on how to steady hold or lock the shaft for pulley removal ?

  6. EXCELLENT video!!! I bought a used 5.5 HP Craftsman and the front-wheel drive is dead. I feel completely able to repair this myself after viewing your video. Thanks for saving me big bucks!! ūüėÄ

  7. Your video helped me to replace the drive belt on my Craftsman 23" 6.25 self-propelled mower. Although I could not get that piece off that the blade is attached to, I didn't have to. Thank you for putting this information up.

  8. great video man, been looking through a lot of them before i found yours. thi tells me everything i needed to know! and much more thank you again for taking the time to make this video!

  9. Skyhawk, Thank you.  I failed to clean the hole in the brass bolt holding the bowl on.  Cleaned the bowl & drained everything but forgot the hole in screw.  Will do that.

  10. I have a Craftsman 700 Series Power-Propelled 22" cut mower.  There is no primer or fuel valve lever.  I have changed oil, fuel, air filter & spark plug.  Still will not start.  HELP:(

  11. Hi Alex, I have a craftsman push mower, model # 917.377790. I used to be able to park the blade when the mower is running. now, the blade runs all the time. I have to turn the mower off to stop the blade from spinning. Do you tell me what seems to be the problem? Thanks, TC.

  12. Absolutely the best video I have seen in the last year. Clear, concise, to the point quickly, logically, and DEFINATELY made by a person who knows his stuff. Includes many important tips to diagnose and maintain. Video was clear, stable and well lit. Voice quality excellent. After watching this video one should leave with the confidence to do the repair and operate the mower safely. Just can't say enough positive things.

  13. thanks, as others have said, you make a daunting task look easy. Thanks for the clear instructions. I'm just having to find the replacement belt for mine, same machine but the 6.6 horse. Thanks again.

  14. How is the front axle sprung on these? Mine seems resistive to push down on & I was wondering if theres' a way to get it freed up & more springy.

  15. I have a 6.75 Craftsman Briggs and Stratton self propelled front wheel drive mower I took off the plastic cover underneath the mower that covers the belt on the drive shaft and put it back to check the belt While mowing the plastic cover came off and shattered exposing the belt on drive shaft. I wanted to know if I needed a cable or belt? Do I need this plastic piece for the Self propel to work and what is the part number

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