How to replace fuel (gas) line on a weed wacker by Carl Quakenbush 2 stroke line trimmer

Watch this short video on how to replace your gas fuel line on your weed wacker eater featherlite plus 25cc 25 cc fl 26 fl-26 do it yourself a it the is at your my replace on change remove petrol prime how to start a weedwacker weed wacker eater line trimmer hose tube tubing clear black green curved counter clockwise carl quakenbush always wears a BANK OWNED t-shirt in his videos ryobi weed wacker repair string trimmer will not wont start FUEL LINE Repair on Homelite SX135 Bandit Weed Wacker rebuild re-build craftsman john deer eater stihl quick tip to save you money and headache when it comes to stihl trimmer carburetors Basic Maintenance and Service – Toro. … Carburetor Repair how to fix repair maintain adjust adjustment carl quakenbush quackenbush diagnosis small engine motor 2stroke 2 stroke repair glue paste plug leak leaks tank bubble prime primer spark plug cold start sink the it at is yes no on off up down home house yard tool tools fl20 fl22 fl24 install reinstall re install re-install has a crack cracked replace remove gas tank fuel filter super lite superlite how to replace fuel gas line on a string trimmer weed eater weed wacker weedeater weedwacker edger grass weeds brush dry drie dri dried Weedeater FL26 Gas Fuel Line Replacement Repair DIY weed wacker featherlite feather lite how to the easy not the hard way sears xt 250 that bogs down my will not wont won’t start weedeater weedwacker fuel gas line repair replacement how to replace whacker wont start simple fix carb carburator carberater carburater rebuild ez fix easy fix should I buy a new one



12 thoughts on “How to replace fuel (gas) line on a weed wacker by Carl Quakenbush 2 stroke line trimmer

  1. THANK YOU very much…. Im off to get some fuel line and im giving this a nudge 😀 I just went to trim the edges and found the filter playing at the bottom of the fuel tank LoL…..

  2. my fuel line was broke so i changed it in now it want start up.When i push the primer bulb it blows instead of sucking????? not sure what to do

  3. Does anyone know if the feed and prime lines need to be the same diameter?  I used a thinner diameter line for the prime line, because one of the holes in the tank was smaller than the other.

  4. Replacing the plastic fuel line is something all owners of gas-powered tools should learn as they don't last long at all,especially if stored in unheated sheds/garages during the winter. (They used to be made of black rubber & lasted forever, which is probably why they switched to cheap plastic.) Replacement 2-cycle plastic fuel line's a 1-size -fits-all & is available at Home Depot, Lowe's & most hardware stores for about $5. For a complete kit incl. new fuel filter it's around $8. I save a lot of the fuss shown on the vid by measuring the length on the outside of the tank with either a flexible tape measure or piece of string, rather than fuss with pulling out & putting back the new fuel line.

    I don't replace the air filter – it's washable & any decent brand of detergent & warm water cleans it up just fine. After washing, rinse in clear water. Squeeze out excess water then blot it on old T-shirts (best) or paper towels. DON'T use it until it's dry- or mostly so.  I've also found cutting a piece of [paper] coffee filter & putting it over the mesh air filter keeps fine particles out of the engine but still lets plenty of air through. The air filter on my Weed Eater's the original…and it's 7 yrs old.

    I do like his use of WD-40 – it's a bit more slippery than a touch of 2-cycle oil.& won't harm the engine. I also cut the end on an angle to make getting it started MUCH easier. I trim it even when I'm ready to attach the fuel filter. Fair warning to those thinking of enlarging the entry port instead of wiggling, pinching & squeezing and/or using assorted 4-letter words to force the line through: DON'T. You need that tight fit & it's really easy to enlarge the hose feed port too much – leading to bigger problems.

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