How to Replace Fuel Lines on Two Cycle/Two Stroke Engines

Mark explains how to determine the correct fuel line routing for your 2-cycle engine carburetor in this professional repair video.

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39 thoughts on “How to Replace Fuel Lines on Two Cycle/Two Stroke Engines

  1. I've done all these steps for my chain saw including flushing the lines and confirming they have a sufficient amount of gas flowing through them. But the chainsaw will rip but not stay on. do you think I need a new carburetor?

  2. Another way is to use your fingers.
    One side should create suction and the other side should be blowing, the suction side is the intake side

  3. hello Mark and thanks for your video, it helped me to have my lines sorted out. Also I have a question, I replaced my fuel lines and primer bulb but still my chainsaw does not suck gas from the tank, I also tested with the carb out of the chainsaw exactly as you are showing in this video, and still no sucking gas, is it possible that my carb has some sort of dirt or another malfunction part that is preventing the primer bulb to suck gas? thanks

  4. Thanks for this informative vid. how-ever, you could tell  the  viewer which line is which because you know. Help the consumer out because the makers of these lawn care tools will not.

  5. i have and older model 410r ryobi cultivator, the bulb assembly only has one connection for fuel, the original lines fell apart, i could not tell where the line were, i order a new fuel line and a new return line, i did not order the bulb line, but there are only two ports on the carburetor and two in the fuel tank, I think i know where the fuel line connects but not sure for the return or the bub line.. can someone enlighten me on this

  6. Thanks Mark. Just £10 for a new fuel filter, 2 fuel lines and a primer bulb to repair my 15 year old McCullock Trim Mac 210 strimmer that the supplier/maintainer told me was beyond repair. Good old Google saved me £90 again 🙂

  7. I just replace my fuel lines and primer bulb on  a weadeater featherlite. It won't start on fuel but starts fine on ether. My primer bulb is not  drawing any fuel through it? I don't see any fuel inside the bulb. Can you help

  8. I have replaced no telling how many fuel lines on 2 cycle engines and almost ALWAYS forget which goes where! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. This didn't help a dang bit I'm puzzled cause i got a Bolen mower and a return fuel line but no spot where to plug it on to on the tank. common sense tells me it should go into the fuel tank.

  10. good informative video. i wasn't aware that the primer bulb didn't push fuel into the carburetor. i thought it pushed it in. now i know it doesn't. great video!!!!!

  11. In the second example, should fuel flow in a stream out the return; or with bubbles. Seams like not sucking enough fuel in my case when hooked to the carb? any ideas?

  12. I did everything step by step and I did not move or adjusted any parts of the carburetor. The problem now is that when I try to start my Craftsman trimmer it starts on full power and when i press the run button it stops and dies out. any idea of what did i do wrong?

  13. Great video, I need some help, when the lines are hooked up, the carb floods, fuel never stops flowing into the carb, why is that?

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