50 thoughts on “HOW TO Replace Lawnmower Muffler

  1. i tried removing the muffler off a 1979 briggs 3.5, but the threads are pretty much seized into the block. i tried removing it with a pipe wrench, but the muffler just came off the part that attaches to the threads. its almost like the threads are welded in there. have any suggestions?

  2. i have a 5hp briggs, and it had a bolt in type but the two bolts sheared and are suck, i have got the exhaust offf and i was wondering what is the best threaded exauhst that is quiet, cheers

  3. @fergfergferg123 you could try drilling out the holes and re-tapping them, or trying a tool for taking out broken bolts, you can get them at most hardware stores, or if you have to go with a threaded type, pretty much just go with whatever fits, because there for the most part all the same thing.

  4. Hey mate. Thanks for the info, been trying to work it out for about 2 months. Watched your clip and fixed in in about 10 minutes. Cheers mate

  5. thanks for the video tutorial…Question for you–I have a mower with identical Muffler–any advice on where I can buy or order one and what price range I should expect..Thanks much!

  6. i watched this i already knew this on the push mowers, cant find a how to on my lawn tractor its a muffler with an extended pipe with some kind of rusted weird nut holding it in cant figure out wich way to turn it or if its just really too rusted but i think its great your doing these videos i bet they help alot of people

  7. i have a troy bilt push mower with a lo-tone muffler.i took it off but cant put it back because it has a thermostat attached an i dont know where that goes.i dont want to put it back on wrong not knowing where the thermostat goes

  8. just changed muffler and spark plug, now my mower is running like a beast, only concern is that the throttle control no longer makes any difference, is that normal?

  9. oh cool mind muffer the same one here just broke off ..so can i buy a new one and just put it on like that ??/ looks easy can i use my mower without one ???

  10. I have a craftsman self-propelled lawn mower model number: 917.370410. Without thinking, I thought it was the air filter and removed it.  .  :0(   A few more parts fell off than I expected. Now I don't know how to put it back together. The muffler looks like a right triangle shape. But what has me confused is the other parts. I think a couple of gaskets and a slender medal piece that hooks from the muffler to up under the main motor part. I am not sure what that is supposed to hook to and can't find owners manual. Please help if you can

  11. Great video! Many thanks!  Oddly enough, I was able to disassemble my entire similar engine, B & S 5.5 hp 10T802, with the exception of the muffler.  I was positive it must unscrew, but it wouldn't budge; not even with gloves.  I do have a pipe wrench, but I'll try some WD-40 first in the event the threads are rusted and to prevent damaging the muffler.  Thanks again!

  12. Thx. Does the muffler need any maintenance or cleaning, or is it something u jst leave and replace when it breaks/rusts badly. Cuz mine is black on the hole area like yours.

  13. Help!! The muffler BLEW OFF! When I was mowing. I had to mess with I because it was running slower. And somehow, the governor got moved. Which was fine for a year or so. But last week the muffler blew off! Looks like there aren't any threads there anymore???

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