26 thoughts on “HOW TO Replace Lawnmower Primer Bulb

  1. Thank you for posting these videos. Very well produced and very informative. The high schools now days don't have shop so they don't learn these skills.

  2. Do you have a video on witch hole does the throttle linkage goes they came off while cleaning carborater and don't remember where they go please help

  3. I have a toro with the TNT100 tecumseh, along with the primer bulb with no hole in it.  The engine refuses to start when cold, pumped the primer bulb, didn't see much fuel being pumped into the carb throat.  Replaced the primer bulb, but you still have to primer the carb with fuel to get it started.  Once started, it runs OK, and restarts OK when hot.  I looked in the primer cavity, there seems to be only one hole leading down into the carb nozzle, it was clean.  Don't know much about this mower, belongs to my brother's girl friend, so don't know service history or when it last started OK.  Removed the bowl, it was clean inside/no water.  The engine doesn't seem to respond (run rich) when you pump the primer while it is running either.  Does Tecumseh publish a tech manual on these carbs with that includes theory of operation?  I'm sure I am missing something simple, but didn't have time (drove 50 miles to help out) to really rip the carb apart to figure out how it is supposed to work…Any further info would be appreciated….Thanks  Don

  4. Just a silly little thing really. But since I haven't had the pleasure yet I came looking and found your super video! Why reinvent the wheel or do it backwards when you don't have to? Super job. Thanks!!! Just what I needed!

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