30 thoughts on “HOW TO Replace PULL CORD on BRIGGS 5HP ENGINE

  1. @TheEmokid423 might be the starter clutch on the flywheel, sometimes spraying wd 40 in the small hole on top will make it return

  2. Starter does not need removed from blower housing. To install rope pre-wind starter until tight then back off until hole in pulley matches hole in rope guide. Use clamp to keep pulley from winding in. Install rope. Double knot end at pulley. Intall grip on other end of rope. Remove clamp and spring will suck in the rope. Done. I just saved you 10 minutes.
    Rope should be about 4 to 5 feet long. On mowers w/grip up on handle, 7 feet. Shorten as nessessary. Better too long than too short.

  3. On some vertical shaft Briggs mowers, the rope can be replaced w/o blower housing removal. Too complicated to explain but very easy to do and saves blower housing removal. Donyboy, you put out good videos but there are shorter and easier ways. I hope you try my "pre-wind the pulley" next time. At least you don't remove the pulley to replace the rope. The pulley doesn't eed removed for spring replacement., either. On Briggs' the only time the pulley need removed is when the pulley needs replaced.

  4. Man I just had to do this to my roto tiller this morning after I broke the starter rope. I wish I had watched this video instead of doing it on my own. It took me 4 tries to wind the spring and put it in the housing without unbolting the two halves. Way harder than necessary!

  5. I should've known to lubricate it and tighten the rope 1 revolution! This technique works on basically all B & S motors, I think? 

  6. Thanks for making and posting this video!!!

    It's great to see what to expect when disassembling something, if you've never done it before.
    Your other videos helped me rebuild the carb (Thanks for that too). It was a bummer to pull the starter cord right off on the first pull after all that hard work. But your vid got me fixed back up right away. Gave my hand me down tiller new life.


  7. I've always had trouble replacing starter ropes. After watching this video, I better understand how to do it and I hope for the best. Thanks for making this.

  8. Hi donyboy73, love your videos! I have an engine where the ratchet pawls broke, so I'll be doing that repair. However, I noticed that the rope didn't always retract all the way. Is this due to the spring? On this job you replaced the rope though the problem seemed to be the same as mine, the rope not retracting. What should I do?

  9. Absolutely a great demonstration! My husband watched this and hurried out to his shed to install his pull rope! Every detail makes it simple enough…I could have installed this!

  10. Hi, I asked GardenFork about my Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, and he said I should try you. He thinks my troubles may be with Recoil Spring. Pull start will not pull out at all. Do you a video about this?

  11. does that particular engine have a second horizontal output drive shaft or not? I see this setup on the rototiller has 3 belts not two. Thanks.

  12. great video , i wondered if you could help me, do you know what the factory setting is for the carb please, as i think the previous owner has messed about with mine and when i got it running it was bogging down, so i just wanted it to back to factory setting and start again if i have to alter it to get it to run sweet . if you can help it would be great , thanks in advance

  13. Good editing, great video. Thank you for the instructional and a mechanic that doesn't keep saying "…go ahead and…" before each step.

  14. My tiller is a yard pro , it's pretty old , 5 h.p. , it's doing the same thing , I don't think it's as old as this one . I bought it in the early to mid. 90's I think . I believe my starter is a little different . Maybe you have another video on it .

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