How to Replace the Carburetor Main Nozzle on a Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower

Get a replacement carburetor main nozzle for your Honda HRX217 lawn mower here:

This tutorial will show you how to remove and install the carburetor main nozzle on a Honda HRX217 lawn mower quick and easy. The main nozzle is referred to synonymously as an emulsion tube. Helpful items include a socket wrench, needle-nose pliers, a piece of wire, a flathead screwdriver and a pick.

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22 thoughts on “How to Replace the Carburetor Main Nozzle on a Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower

  1. mark you make it look so easy thx  for video question i want to buy all those gaskets is there one part number  for all gasket kit or separate number let me number if you can thx

  2. This is a good video and helpful for repairing or just cleaning the carburetor.  I have a question on your re-assembly – how do you align the attached choke controls on the isolater block with the carburetor?

  3. A very informative and enjoyable video. My Honda mower also has the GCV160 engine, and there's no forgetting how much fun it is to get the carburetor, the countless gaskets, the spacer, the crankcase breather hose and the linkages all lined up correctly. The shop manual says to use two 6 X 83 mm studs during the R & R procedure. What I ended up doing was buying a 6 mm threaded rod at the hardware and creating two homemade studs about 3 1/2 inches long. For the installation step I ran the studs into the bolt mounting holes just finger tight. Next, I got the carb all together with all the gaskets and stuff, slipped the assembly onto the studs and snugged two 6 mm nuts finger tight. Then I removed one stud and nut and ran a bolt in finger tight. Next I did the same for the other stud, nut and bolt. That saved a lot of grief and time, plus it helped me cut down on my profanity.

  4. One question, and that is why you would pinch off the fuel line with pliers when there's a fuel shutoff valve between the tank and the carb.

  5. The technical name is, "main jet", not main nozzle.  I agree with the comment below regarding pinching off the fuel line as the shutoff valve will do just that.  You failed to mention to observe carefully the placement of the throttle linkage and spring before removing them.  Other than that it's a good video.  I gave it a thumbs up.

  6. I never leave comments on instructional videos, but thank you so much for showing how to remove the main jet screw. I FINALLY got my pressure washer working after I was able to clean it. Saved me lots of time and money. Thanks again.

  7. Will the emulsion tube fit in there upside down? I could swear I took it out one way, but it won't go back that way.

  8. Ok, I just checked out your site… everything listed under part numbers and yet you have no parts list for my Honda engine available? That means… NO SALE! If you guys aren't going to call out the model numbers and show actual pictures of parts on your pages, all you're selling to are dealers who have parts lists.

  9. My power washer starts for a second then stops. To get it to start in the first place takes many pulls. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance

  10. If your Honda wont start, but will run briefly with starter fluid, your main jet and emulsion tube are probably clogged. You will need a fine wire to clean the jet as it has a tiny hole in it. The emulsion tube has a thicker main hole and then finer holes on the sides. Clean them all out and it will run like new. Just did mine an hour ago. Thumbs up.

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