How to Replace the Carburetor on a Tiller

Watch Mark show how simple it is to install a new carburetor on your tiller. Helpful items include a pair of fuel-line clamps, a flat-head screwdriver, pliers, and a socket wrench.

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6 thoughts on “How to Replace the Carburetor on a Tiller

  1. Aside from buying ethanol free gas, is there anything that can be done to prevent such corrosion? Most of the gas stations around here have 10% ethanol, there are some stations who sell ethanol free gas for marine vehicles, but it is high octane and expensive.

  2. Rumors are that 15% will be the standard soon. I have heard that some stations keep an ethanol free pump but those stations are few and far between. There are some companies selling ethanol free gas in gallon and quart sizes. Some hardware stores carry it. I have heard it sells for as much as $8 to $10 a gallon packaged that way. Some of the additive manufacturers such as Sta-Bil offer an ethanol treatment. I have heard mixed results about it. I personally have not tried it.

    Good luck,


  3. Unfortunately it is not a tool we sell. The one I use is Blue Point which is a Snap-On brand. You should be able to pick one up from your local Snap-On dealer.

    Thanks for watching!


  4. I have a [powermate 42cc pcv 43 the carb is getting fuel bot none in the motor check the lines took it apart an clean it an the gaskits are good spay engine start in it ,it will run then stop??

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