31 thoughts on “How To Replace The Diaphragm On Briggs And Stratton Primer Plastic Carburators On Metal Gas Tanks

  1. Excellent video, Craig. Had already repaired mine, but enjoyed watching. Unlike a lot of the garbage on YouTube, videos like yours are helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I'm a senior female. My neighbor told me what was wrong with my mower and he was absolutely right! And now your video enabled me to fix it myself!!!!! Tickled to death…didn't even know which part was the carburetor before. Thanks!

  3. You did good on this video. The guy on another video I watched got the
    orientation of the gasket and the diaphragm all bolixed up.
    You simply laid it on the top of the tank to get it correctly positioned.
    Thank you for your video. Fixed my mower. Best Regards.

  4. This video was right on the money! Black smoke and fluctuating RPM's then I changed the diaphragm and gasket—now it runs like it is brand new. Thanks dude.

  5. Fixed my old mower in 15 minutes, started on the first pull and runs like brand new!

    I never realized just how simple a mower carb was until I saw this… thanks for the informative video!

  6. I have been searching the web for days trying to figure this out. Motor revs high and low and spark plug gets covered in black soot after 5 min. Learned that this means the motor is running rich. But why??? Replaced air filter. Took carb apart and cleaned (thanks to videos online) and still same problem. When I took the carb off mount i noticed the diaphragm looked flimsy but until this video nobody said this could be the problem. OMG…finally…replaced this diaphragm and IT WORKED!

  7. Thanks my friend for putting this on the web. I had no idea what a diagphragm was and you have educated me.  Most of the info. deals with the carbs with the fuel bowl. Now the cheapos have removed that to make it cheaper but we are smarter now. Thanks. 

  8. Try using a tripod or utilize the help of a friend. Great  vid but I would use a clean table rather than a filthy driveway. Sorry to be so nasty but I would never let you fix anything of mine.

  9. hat was my question lol i had forgotten which came off in wht order–thanks for telling me the diaphragm is next to the tank under the gasket.

  10. I was told by my neighbour that he thought the diaphragm had gone so I decided to have a go using your instructions. Thanks, great job. I am not very handy but managed this easily following the video. I am feeling very pleased with myself as the mower now works great, saving me a lot of money as I was quite prepared to just buy a new one or pay a lot for a repair.

  11. Great video. I borrowed my brother-in-law‘s mower while he was out of town. It revved up and down etc. He told me it was blowing smoke,etc. before I used it and that he was going to take it in for repairs. Thanks to your video, I was able to solve the problem in about a half an hour. Boy will he be surprised when he returns. Thanks again!

  12. Uk Chancer here.

    I used your guidance to check out the diaphragm on my leaf collector which has a B&S Quattro 400 engine.

    It had developed the surging you referred to.

    I stripped the carb/tank as per your vid.
    Spot on diagnosis.

    £3.00 B&S part 795083 on its way to me and hopefully all back together.
    Thanks for sharing your skill. Engine Angel.

  13. I have the same system on my lawn mower. I replaced the diaphragm and the gasket. It still will not run properly. The carburetor is about two years old. I do do think it is warped. How likely is it the fuel tank needs to be replaced?

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