44 thoughts on “HOW TO Replace The Electric Starter on Your Snowblower

  1. Can u send me a step by step process on how to put it on because I'm new at it and where u got the starter from thanks.

  2. My starter doesn't work. When plugged in and button is pushed I get nothing. Is there a way to troubleshoot this? Would it most likely be the switch or the actual starter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the good instruction. My starter would spin but not turn the motor over. After removing the electric starter I found that about 2/3 of the teeth on the gear on the starter were worn away. When I removed the starter, the bottom bolts were loose. Could the loose bolts have caused the excessive wear on the gear teeth? When I replace the starter, should I lubricate/grease the gear teeth? Thanks.

  4. Are there different lengths for the spline shaft that holds the starter gear? The gear on my starter seems loose and it extends, but it does not seem to engage the flywheel gear. Actually, I plugged it in while off the engine and it seemed to extend properly. Would you have any suggestions on how I can get my electric starter back to engaging the flywheel gear to start my snow blower? If it makes a difference, the starter is one that I added after having the blower for a couple of years.

  5. Hi Thanks for the video. I actually bought a new starter and tried to put this back. But for some reason, the electric motor spins but it is not engaging with the flywheel gear. Do you have any comments?

  6. Thank you for the awesome video! We were able to save $60 by finding a good replacement starter online and doing the work ourselves. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of finding someone with a truck and hauling into the shop. We did the whole thing in 15 minutes. We did strip one of the screws on the starter switch when replacing it, even though we were being careful. We'll have to fix that before the snow gets here. Anyway……THANKS!

  7. The bottom screws on my snowblower similar to the one in the video keeps vibrating loose. The ones you start removing with the 3/8 socket. I was just wondering if you could tell me the thread size and length of those bolts. Thanks!

  8. Unfortunately, the bolts are gone. I lost them while using the snowblower recently. Can I just use a quarter inch bolt from the hardware store in the existing screw holes?

  9. My snowblower must have heard from the grapevine that I was watching your posts.  Once I got it running, she purred like a kitten.

  10. Hi, I have that same starter part # 37000 on a 10hp Tecumseh. The started quit working and I found a good use starter with the same part number. When I bolt it back on, the teeth don`t seem to mesh…they just grind. They are the same part numbers and same amount of teeth. What jives?????

  11. Your videos have saved me so much time and given the knowledge to repair all my old stuff. I decided to retire in a remote area of western Quebec and did not know any of this stuff. Thanks Donny.

  12. Hi donyboy73….!  when the starter is gone…would this cause the pullcord to act all weird??  at times it was hard to pull and then it would seem to easy to pull?  Thanks again…I am so grateful for you to be here and to show videos.  AWESOME!!

  13. Also… would the starter on a MTD Yard Machines…fit a Craftsman??  The MTD is a 2005 and the Craftsman is about 12-13 years old

  14. Danboy another awesome video. Keep up the great work. Btw would I be able to use my dads 421 toro electric starter on my 724 toro ??? Thanks in advance

  15. Do I put any grease on the large flywheel with the teeth for the motor and the small flywheel with the teeth for the starter. Any grease between those?

  16. Good video. Do you know where I can get replacement mounting screws? One of my originals backed out during use and now my starter is not secured and causing issues starting. Thank you.

  17. anyone know the bold size for the lower starter motor bolts?
    It looks like a 1/4-20 should fit, but it's just a bit too big and I don't want to strip the threads on the aluminum engine housing. Thanks guys

  18. Thanks a Bunch. My starter bendex drive don't engage unless I try 3/4 times.  Your Video takes out all the guess work on how things come apart and go back together. I almost had to read the manual and that's a sin. Thanks again for sharing

  19. i removed my starter and saw 1/3 of the teeth on the gear were missing…
    i was able to pull start the snow thrower ( sweet )
    a starter gear is about $20 but a complete new starter is about $70 dollars

  20. One of the screws on my starter sheared off level with the motor housing. any suggestions on how I can remove it and replace it with a new one? Many thanks

  21. I would like to know why it is necessary to remove the starter switch. It appears that the removal of the motor is independent of the starter switch.

  22. Hey donyboy…I am wondering what the bottom bolt size are for mounting the starter to a techamseh hm80 are? any advice or where to look would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

  23. don i need toreplace my starter gear on my snowblower.my model # is hmsk80. in another video of yours, you gave the number of33432 is that the number i need to buy a new gear? thankyou dick bailey

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