How To Replace The Head Gaskets On A Kohler Command V-Twin Engine with Taryl

In “Taryl & The Crystal Ball”, Taryl shows you how to replace the head gaskets on a Kohler Command V-Twin Engine. The Rocker Arm Torque is 100 Inch Pounds. Prior to the fix, Taryl has to consult his crystal ball when helping a clueless customer find a part! And There’s Your Dinner!!!

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40 thoughts on “How To Replace The Head Gaskets On A Kohler Command V-Twin Engine with Taryl

  1. First Taryl video I've watched. Excellent how to video !!! Excellent !! Thanks. Subscribed. BTW I watched because I've got a Kohler Command Pro Horizontal 25HP on a Cub Cadet. It will backfire when switched off unless the throttle is set mid position. I saw somewhere that backfires can blow head gaskets….

  2. I put new gaskets on my Krowler 23 pony pig of a zero sperm lawn tractor. It now cuts the grass like its suppose to without puking oil out the cylinder head. Thanks for all your knowledge mr dactal!

  3. Taryl you going to have a correction video on your toilet where you caulked the base , what happens if your toilet ever starts a leak one would never know until it rotted your floor out and to late ,don't caulk that let's you know when your toilet leaks before damage is done,in your case l get it still wrong but your on cement no damage there other than you might in time you will wonder where a bad smell is coming from .
    I know you like to do things right for good reason,not a space shuttle l know lol but could cause someone alot of grief and money.

  4. I have a 23hp Kawasaki fh680v that is hard to start hot or cold could the head gasket cause that I have done everything I can think of hopping you could point me in the right direction. Also how can I contact you by phone. Thanks for your advice

  5. Hey Taryl, question about a 21HP B&S Platinum engine. I replaced the nikki last year and the engine is surging once again. The valves are ok and gauge at .005. Compression is at 21 psi. I had thought it was bad fuel but the same happened when I had swapped the carb out with another one. The noise that comes with this mufkin too is crazy loud…gives me a headache for sure… any suggestions????

  6. I spotted the crack as you removed it. The second head gasket shows degradation near a port – very smart to replace it.

  7. OMG…not the kristal ball…please no…don't do that tooooooooooooo me…help me? Where's my dinner winner?

  8. As you go I would like to ask you to give estimates on what a job like that would cost there's a whole lot of crap to do before you even get to the Head I would also like for you to join forces with XOXO you and her get along great

  9. Hahaha hahaha the sad part about it is this is true the first two minutes is true you want to see it in real life go to Easley South Carolina just pick anybody

  10. BTW to the maker of this video , just a little tip when doing head gasket jobs on small engines or even cars also ,permatex makes an awesome fucking product that is essentially aeresol spray finely ground copper mist in an adhesive fluid that you spray on both sides of a gasket surface and on both metal gasket mounting surfaces i.e. your cylinder heads mounting surface and the mounting surface of the engine block and ever since I tried it I swear by the stuff , it dramatically increases the sealing capabilities of any and all gaskets , and it's especially handy for any gasket mounting surfaces that may be imperfect with some small Nick's and or gouges or pits on the mating surface , it will just fill these imperfections right in the they won't be any problem so the stuff can also really bail you out if need be especially dealing with a cast iron block or head and how the gasket surfaces love to corrode and pit. Yeah check the stuff out buy a can of it and I guarantee you'll love the stuff , and btw just for the record I'm not affiliated with permatex in any way other than being a regular general customer of theirs. Happy wrenching and thank me later for the copper gasket spray tip.

  11. Yo can any one tell me does a 22hp Kohler courage vtwin verticle shaft motor have any sort of serviceable reed valve in the crank case ventilation system , I don't think it does but I'm just asking for those that know off hand. I think it's got something that looks and is more like a pCv valve you'd find on an automobile directly above the carburator at the end of the crank case breather hose and attaches to what looks like some sort of valve , pcv like valve like I guessed just under the outter edge of the flywheel enough so where you have to remove the flywheel to access the one single 8mm bolt that looks like it's holding this valve in place into the top of the block. So basically I wanna know what this thing I'm describing is before I take my engine cover and flywheel off to find out for myself , cause along time ago I noticed the motor start spraying oil out of that hose into the airbox and I immediately said fuvk that shit and disconnected the hose from the air box, stuck a straight through barbed fitting in the end of the hose and attracted a 20 inch section of quarter inch fuel line to the other end of the barbed fitting and have it zip tied in place so it's squirting the oil into the grass instead of in my damn air box. I ask because recently this problem became larger and the vacuum feed hose coming out of the valve cover going to the fuel pump started pissing oil out from around the end of the hose where it squeezes into the valve cover alarming me to the fact that I seem to have a relatively considerably excessive crankcase pressure problem cause the hose I extended from the crank case breather hose literally shoots out sometimes with considerably force , it's not a large flow of oil , it's more just a fine mist like spray , but it sprays like 2 freaken feet sometimes! Is this valve that I'm thinking of hoping is a pcv like valve at the crank case side of the crank care ventilation hose then I'd like to know do I can check it and replace it if necessary because I obviously got a problem , I could have a blown head gasket again because when I did the head gaskets the the first time around I didn't know about the extended new revised headbolts that Kohler had came out with so not knowing about these new bolts I reassembling it with the old used head bolts which I'm thinking there's a high chance one might have blew again because of the reused head bolts being stretched and too short not holding the torque setting i initially set them to which Is another considerably possibility. I don't think it's the rings as I doubt excessive combustion pressure is getting past them cause both cylinders have tons of compression, like 135-140 pounds per cylinder so I highly doubt it's the rings based on the recent compression readings I got when I tested both cylinders about a month ago when I first saw engine oil Being pushed out from the second place being the valve cover side base of the fuel pump vaccum pulse line. I gotta get this thing straightened out and just don't feel like chasing a problem around I'd simply like to hear from somebody who's had this problem and what their fix ended up being , I know that may not be my fix but it might be the best place to choose to start. Im thinking first place to start is pull the flywheel and see if that is Infact some sort of pcv like check valve or some shit at the crank case side of the crankcase ventilation hose going from that supposed valve on the top of the block and originally going to the air box (not any longer cause I ain't having oil sprayed down the throat of my carb constantly so I extended the hose so it dumps in the fucking dirt cause I don't give a fuck that shjt ain't going through my carb and soaking into my $30 a fucking piece overpriced Kohler air filter that I like to keep crystal crystal clean , ) I actually take my air filter out after each use to be blown out good with my leaf blower as I'm meticulously blowing off the rest of the machine after each and every single use no matter what.

  12. Dude if those are actually your teeth I would sew my own mouth closed so nobody could ever see those hideous discraceful rotted sons of bitches.

  13. You can get 1.5" Scotch-Brite pads for the die grinder with an arbor and that arbor also takes sanding disc's so you can polish up for welding jobs

  14. well you're always using Sten parts so I went and bypassed the cheapest coil up on eBay and bought a sten coil or magneto or whatever it is magnetron whatever.
    I zoomed on the cheap one and realized I didn't want to put a cheapo on it, not saying the cheapo would work, mighta werked greet..🤷
    But I normally just go an git the cheap stuff.
    So hopefully it's upgrading it not from what was on it because it had no manufacturer…just a number.
    But upgrading it from you talking Sten all the time like it means something. I'll find out…see yuh

    I hope you get something for that

    Just pulled it out of my mailbox…..looks like a decent coil whathaveyou.

    Hopefully it fits…😑

  15. Tayrl check the carb on ebay site pinellia 2009 this carb is a direct fit for the niki6 crap and the Walbro for 16 to 20HP no drilling no jetting no swapping I swear.

  16. My hands shake too much and don' has octopus fangars. Always extra bolts left too.. I can turn a 2 hour job into two days every time. With labor rates vs book time, I do wonder about the cost vs new engines or a tractor. This engine here seems a lot more involved than the Briggs Vanguard twin. There's much to check for with a used engine before a swap and I know of one guy that just crosses his fingers and eyes to sell used mowers with parts swaps.

  17. I have a cv22s 22hp
    Do you know if this have compression relief?stater has a hard time spinning this mower is new to me,thank you

  18. Hey Taryl!,

    I'm a big Fan of the "TWIN OPPOSED" Kohler Magnum engines and would like to get a better understanding about the Command 20-25hp Series Engines.

    From what I have heard, the 25hp has ALOT of problems regarding reliability. Is this "TRUE"?

    I had 4 COMPLETE 25hp Engines that I was going to use for Tractor Pulling, but when I heard that they have "Serious Issues", I gave them away. I HATE engines that constantly have issues…

    From what I know, the 20-24hp are GREAT, but once you get to the 25hp, the Rockers, Valves, and Rods tend to FAIL!

    Just asking my Utube Mower Guru!😎

    Take care,
    🤓 -Thomas
    Western Washington State

  19. What’s your opinion of the new John Deere e100 I just bought . It has the 17.5 intek Briggs engine. So good so far with it. 15 hours on mine

  20. Thank you so much Taryl for this video. I ordered the parts and set my Ipad next to my tool box, 2 hours later my engine runs like a champ. Both head gaskets were BLOWED ! Your the best! It’s been 1 year and she still runs great and burn NO OIL anymore.

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