How to Replace the Pump on a Pressure Washer–A Quick Fix

The pump is an essential part on a pressure washer and doesn’t require lots of time and money to replace. In this video, Mark will walk you through the simple steps to get started on this repair.

Helpful items include thread seal tape, a wrench and a ratchet.

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36 thoughts on “How to Replace the Pump on a Pressure Washer–A Quick Fix

  1. The new pump was slightly different. Most manufactures of of "Home Center" pressure washers simply take an engine from one source, a pump from another, and bolt them to a frame that they produce. Because of this outsourcing a replacement pump isn't always exactly the same as the original as the manufacture is always shopping for the best price they can get on the pump.


  2. good video i have the same husky pressure washer and mine is acting up i bought it 3years ago no problems till today
    it has no pressure i checked the hose and any filters but still no pressure if i leave it running then i go hit the trigger it will shoot out then back to a normal water flow HELP thanks again

  3. How can I tell if my pumps bad? It was washing fine but it started cutting off and on and then just a stream of water. Is it the pump??

  4. Looks like you replaced the pump backwards with the water outlet from the pump on the rear of the washer; whereas in the beginning of the video, the water outlet is positioned on the front of the washer.

  5. I have watched this video and it does n"t  show how to replace the pump when the old pump is rusted on the shaft. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  6. My Homelite 2700 won't produce any pressure.  Changing the pump didn't make any difference.  Could it be the thermal release valve?  That's the only part left to replace?

  7. Amazon and Ebay have great prices on pumps. I bought one today for $68.00. Your hose and wand connections will almost always be opposite of where they were. Go to youtube for how to videos and pay attention.

  8. Hi I removed the three bolts like you did but unlike your video my pump didn't drop right down?  Should I pry it or is this going to break something else?  I have a B&S motor on a Craftsman power washer.

  9. I'm trying to replace my horizontal pump. I unscrewed the four screws, but it's still on there and I can't get it off. What's going on?

  10. those water pumps look the same but if you look carefully are completely different, the position of the legs are different, that's why the new water pump is facing backwards

  11. I purchased this pressure washer and after about 3 times i used it,it quit. It had no compression. Took it to warranty shop at northern tools in conroe , texas and was told i had run it out of oil and was not warranty. Motor had oil in it.I showed it to tech. Another service tech asked if when i was using it was it sitting on a hill. I said yard is sloped. I said doesnt motor have a shut off if it is not getting oil. Tech said no. Honda will not warranty it and Home depot told me its not their proplemn. Nothing in the manual mentions this about the ground. What is more irritating is Home depot blew me off and tech at Northern tools would not even try for warranty. My question to honda. If iam pressure washing and motor stops running do to oil leak or sitting on a hill side, how am i suppose to know without a warning system. I did email Honda and got no responce.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to post this video. I had the same problem and simply took the thermal relief valve out and wrapped some Teflon tape around the seal and good as new. I didn't even take the pump off, I tilted the machine and was able to reach it. Thanks again I hope this post helps others too.

  13. HI, i would like to know how to check the gearbox oil level on the one you just replaced , i bought the same pump and i can't find the oil plug.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  14. I have a Husky GCV 160, 2600psi pressure washer very similar to the Homelite in the video. The pump on mine is broken, will the Homelite pump work on the Husky?

    Edit: also if I buy a pump, does it need to be 2600 psi? Or will something like a 2800psi pump work fine?

  15. I have done with the same exact pressure washer. Once back together I realized the crank oil seal was bad, I have a new seal put on, but should there be a flange or washer to hold the oil seal in place before I put the pump back on?

  16. hello can you please tell me where can I find rebuild kit for my pump?
    Is a Generac 2700 psi/2.3GPM 186BAR/8.7LPM
    Pump model is RMV 2.2G24

  17. Any help on getting my pump to come off, the bolts are removed, but seems to hang up. Maybe pry the key on the shaft? Some kinda gear pulley concept? Sledgehammer? Help!

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