How To Replace The Ring Gear On A Briggs & Stratton Flywheel

In “Junk In The Trunk”, local tree cutter Tim Burr arrives for his snowblower only to find out he has too much junk in his trunk! After the intro and before the ending, Taryl goes over the proper way to replace the ring gear on your Briggs & Stratton flywheel. This works for the single cylinder as well as the opposed twin flywheel. Be sure to thumbs up Taryl’s videos and subscribe to this YouTube channel (click the bell for notifications!) for all the latest videos. And as always, There’s Your Dinner!! 

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22 thoughts on “How To Replace The Ring Gear On A Briggs & Stratton Flywheel

  1. What advice can you give me on choosing alternative carburetors to run a twin carburettor setup on the Briggs 20HP opposed twin engine. My engine has had engine porting and i would like to increase the intake airflow over the restrictive standard carburettor.

  2. Steve's engine fix that chainsaw he blew air into the oil chamber very aggressively and whatever was plugging it up popped out that would have made a nice video anyhow

  3. Good video. I bought a used flywheel on eBay that some knucklehead had taken off with a hammer and a pry bar and ruined it. I would have bit his head off, but I only have 4 teeth.

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