How To Service A Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Petrol Lawnmower Engine

In this video, I show how to service a Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Petrol Lawnmower Engine.

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How To Service A Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Lawnmower Engine

Here’s the video on how to replace the diaphragm and gasket.

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Here is the diaphragm and gasket video

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Link to Buy Governor Springs

Link To Buy Diaphragm and Gasket kit

Link To Buy Carburetor

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Link To Buy Air Filter

Here is a bonus video on how to change the Diaphragm and Gasket

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37 thoughts on “How To Service A Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Petrol Lawnmower Engine

  1. Hi there,I have the self propelled model of this machine and has lack of power in at have resorted to pushing it.Any ideas what is wrong?great videos and thank you

  2. Can you advise please how to adjust the height of the front wheels of my 35 Classic Petrol Lawnmower recently acquired? Unlike for the rear wheels of the mower and as in your video there are no handles to adjust the height. Many thanks

  3. Inspiring. Going to look at your website. Ex car mechanic here looking to get back in a trade and have decided to venture in a small engine repair business. UK Based 😀😀

  4. Well I've just used this video to help service my 13 year old 450 series that looks exactly like this 35 classic. Seems to be almost exactly the same. Thank you 👍🏼

  5. Hi Mowerman you comment on the Guide pins for the Blade, I have an old Champion 35 and both pins have sheared off, I have looked on the internet and have been unable to source some! have you any idea where I might get some from? thanks!

  6. This was great advice, i have never pulled apart any type of engine or carb before, followed the step by step instructions from the video and started stripping my lawn mower that has not run for 4 years. Didnt know what i was doing but carried on regardless, i had nothing to loose because i went out and got a new lawn mower 4 years ago. Anyway stripped it down, cleaned it up, changed the oil, sharpened the blade, put it all back together. Waited for 5 mins then desided to pull the cord. To my amazement and joy it started first time. I now have two lawn mowers. Thank you for your great step by step instructions. I also didnt need to get a new gasket, old one worked just fine. Top job

  7. I just vid of me starting it, already burned off little bit white smoke on first run b4 rec. Full of life on every single pull

  8. Just got a b&s classic 35 (2001l) for free . Seen better day.ive never worked on engines or anything, and had the fear watching this and other video, but went for it anyway whats to lose eh. Anyway checkout my video after I changed filter drained oil and fuel cleaned fuel tank and carb, replaced gasket diaphragm in correct order thanks to vid, and changed spark plug. I also used b&s sae 5w-30 oil

  9. Hi Mower man, thanks for the video. I changed the carb on my Stratton and Briggs 35 (was running before but hadn’t been serviced in years). Now it starts but cuts out straight away. Any ideas why this could be?
    Many thanks!

  10. Do you sell a replacement Rev cable for this model? Currently repairing my dads one the cable and red handle all loose no tension on the cable? Also bolts missing for the pull cord housing could you point me in the right direction?

  11. Thanks for the video it has give me the confidence to have a go myself…. the only part I can’t find is a new cutting blade pls could you help 👍

  12. Hi, I need to replace the starter rope on my Mountfield Classic 35. Can you tell me the part number for the original replacement? Do you have a video of how to replace this part. I know how to do it and the rope has not broken so will be a straight forward fix. Just wanted to see how you do it, if there's an easier way. I would normally pull the old rope all the way out and then lock the sprig in place with a screwdriver whilst I change the rope and then let it unwind back in, slowly! 🙂

  13. May have been an idea to show how to drain oil if you don't have a specialist tool. You didn't mention the oil grade… Is it 10/30?

  14. Hi Lawn Mower man – thanks for the excellent videos .. I have the same lawnmower in the video and looking for a replacement rear wheel.. can you please guide me where I can purchase? Many thanks

  15. Hi, big thumbs up! Just bought one today based on your video thinking I can fix a broken one. Rusted cable in the sleeve, rusted and stuck flywheel brake, no spark in plug, carb springs disconnected etc. All good now and runs great! Was well worth the £20 and with the lockdown it was 2 hours well spent.

  16. Hi Mower Man,

    Many thanks for your fantastic videos.

    I have a Classic 35, had it for at least 20 years, starts first pull as long as I use fresh petrol !

    Anyway it needs a service, not changed the oil in all that time. It certainly needs new cables and springs for carb idle regulator is it called?

    Where should I order a KIll switch cable from complete with outer casing?

    Where should I order the carb idle regulator springs from?

    Lastly, the diaphragm and gasket kit from?

    Many thanks.

  17. Hi.I got this B&S 35 classic here in NZ from my brother in law who saw got it at a garage sale abandoned. Your youtube channel helped a lot, simple and good instructions.Thanks a lot as I managed to bring it back to life.

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