27 thoughts on “How to Service and Repair a Briggs And Stratton Starter Part 1

  1. Awesome vid, its like one of these shows like 'a bike is born' where the guy is always addressing the camera and stuff. Prety proffesional.

    Take it this is your dad working on the starter? Theyre fairly simple to fix, alot of people dont know how to work on them though. Ive fixed many starter motors that "didnt work"

    As for putting them back together, I use 2 cocktail sticks, cut in half, to hold the bushes back while you assemble. The tension on them usually holds em in place pretty well.

  2. @CSAKvids Thanks! Yea we were trying to make it proffesional since there wasnt any real tutorials on how to service a starter on youtube that i could see.

    Yep thats my dad, and once you get the hang of it they are quite easy to fix!

    Thats another good thing to use actually!

  3. great video, i liked how the cameraman asked questions to help you explain what you were doing. Looking forward to seeing more Tutorial videos!! Could work on the shakiness of the camera next time.

  4. thanks for sharing basic idea to clean & lube starter
    I used socket & smaller hammer to tap C-ring back on end of shaft

  5. Thank you for a great tutorial. I’ve rebuilt starters before on cars and cycles, but never had one so odd as this mower starter. I liked your solution to holding the brushes, but added one thing: when I had my bits of wire holding the brushes in place, I wrapped a rubber band around the exposed parts so they pushed the brushes back even farther. Once in place, pull the wires (coat hanger actually), and popped right in. Thanks – you saved me a good deal of money, and I had fun, as always.

  6. For your information this video is for somebody that doesn't have special tools, or the money to buy a new starter, or have somebody service it and charge the price of a new starter, it cost virtually nothing but a little bit of time, and if it makes the starter last another few starts then i guess to most people that was worth the time. It is quite obvious from other comments on this video that it has helped a good few people fix there starters, so please take your negative comments elsewhere.

  7. I am glad I found this as most people think their starter is bad because the engine won't turn over, going clunk, and it is really that their engine is full of gas from a faulty shut off solenoid at the carburetor, or their valves are severely out of adjustment creating too much compression. Key on, valve is supposed to open allowing fuel, key off it is supposed to close. It can get gummed up and allow fuel past when in off position filling crank case, or you left key on and it filled. This motor is notorious for this and a manual in line shut off between tank and carb is essential to prevent gas in your oil. I am sure many shops have ripped off many customers by charging them for expensive repairs when it was gas in their oil. My suggestion to most if repairing the starter and the starter gear looks fine, would be to bypass the snap ring removal as most only needed to inspect the brushes and sand the commutator. Remove rear 2 bolts and slide internal brush pack out, then pull the entire assembly out from the other end. Sand commutator, inspect brushes, and grease rear shaft. You can avoid the grease suction problem by rotating shaft at starter gear back and forth while applying pressure to back plate. The trick to keeping the brushes in upon reassembly is iron wire cut in two pieces shaped like a horse shoe. They criss cross each other at center as one holds in two brushes and the other does same. Top wire must be 2" longer as it sits higher to clear lower wire holding other two brushes at 3 and 9 oclock, longer wire holds brushes at 12 and 6 oclock. Works perfect and slide back plate in, wires should stay as long as they are flush against brushes. Then pull them out and it makes replacing brush pack easy.

  8. After 5 yrs….. thanks for the video(s)..already disassembled one before watching this and like a dumb butt did not mentally note the washer placings like you had suggested…trial and error may get it working again.

  9. Any info where you can get replacement parts? Ny starter has plastic teeth on it and it worn out to where the starter just turns freely without engaging the flywheel.

  10. So, I got a used B&S 17.5 hp riding mower (the thing is almost 15 years old). I had a battery hooked up and turned the key, and nothing happened, no click or anything (Either bad battery, cables, or starter). As well as the wiring has been "patched" is the past few years. I am not fully skilled in wiring as it does need a lot of wiring to be replaced. Best options for me to do?

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