How To Set Ignition Timing On A Kohler K Series Engine with Taryl

In “Honey, I Hypnotized The Customers!”, Taryl shows you how to use a timing light to set the timing on a Kohler K Series engine. Sandwiched Before and After the fix Taryl finds out his Kohler K-Series Timing Light can be used to hypnotize his customers. See what hilariousness unfolds in the full video! And There’s Your Dinner!!

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26 thoughts on “How To Set Ignition Timing On A Kohler K Series Engine with Taryl

  1. I have the same exact riding tractor I cannot get mine to time right and was wondering if you may think somebody put it back together wrong when I have it at top dead center my timing mark is in about the 11:00 position on the flywheel shouldn't it be at least close to the timing work on the side of the block originally I thought the keyway had broke on the shaft and allowed the flywheel to spend tour the engine down to see that that was not the case I've never heard this tractor run I just got a good deal on it because it was not running figured it had to have something to do with points and it did not so my flywheel theory was next on the mark would not line up now that that's not the problem I'm kind of at a loss maybe the timing marks on the gears on the inside were not lined up properly maybe they tore the engine down and did not put it together right

  2. Tayrl,I used to have that SAME EXACT tractor,except mine was a GT-19 Kroler opposed twin-cylinder 19hp.(K-19 series.The only issue that I had with this tractor,is Ariens spins their P.T.O.'s way to fast,(3,600 R.P.M.)instead of 540 on a John Deere 400 for example.I had to buy a brand new gear-box for it due to this.($200.00 for the gearbox on the 48"inch mower deck just to buy it back in about 1989…OUCH!)

  3. Ditch the flat head screws on the points cover and replace them with Allen head machine screws. Put a dab of grease on the Allen wrench to hold the screw when installing. You can thank me later.

  4. great info ; replacing the mechanical fuel pump on k-series( kruller) with a pulse pump works great thanks for the info ;i enjoyed watching all your vids ;p.s. keep the toro wheelhorse you have in the yard

  5. you forgot to mention to seal up the points cover with a non corrosive sealer or you will be doing the whole job again in a few months ; plus it helps to replace the points plunger so that oil does not leak past plunger shorting out your points

  6. Amazing, great lesson, you sure know your stuff, love the humor,. I've got a shit eatin grin on twhilst learnin at the same time!!

    Could you do something on hydrostatic drives? Thanks so much.

  7. I think in the manual it says to set timing with a timing light with engine running at 1200-1800rpm. I timed my K321 using a timing light and noticed that the timing mark would move from an advance to retard as I raised a lowered the rpm. I happened to centered the timing mark while the engine was at an idle. Anyway, since I timed that engine a year ago I find that the engine no longer has the Kohler knock, but is hard to start.

  8. Thank traryl foe doing a video on that old krolwer motor my daddy gave me an old john deere h3 140 . I am putting axle seals on it right now

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