36 thoughts on “How To Set Injector Height On C10 C11 C12 C13 and some C15 Cat Engines.

  1. I was wondering if you could add any information on a 3176 and how to install injector cups. Not a lot of information on these motors thanks

  2. Hello sir i have a little problem with my cat c15 acert twin turbo my engine at idle rocks side to side and the sleeper cab shakes bad while idle and betting 12k rpm and 14k i replace the motor mount thinking it was the engine mounts but that didnt fix it any idea what could it be i mean the truck has power but it feel like and injector is not working right help me out with that man i can send a video of how the engine idle so you can see it moving side to side

  3. Hi. I have been following your tutorials videos a long time ago because of the accuracy and professionalism of their content. But now I am confused about a topic which is the following: I will install the cylinder head on a c15 acert sdp engine and i need to know if I need injector height tool or not. The serial number is sdp104..also the torque specs for the studs of the compression brakes and rocker arms and vva's
    I really appreciate your information
    Thank you
    Merry xmas

  4. I have a C12 2KS. 365000 miles. What would cause a slight flutter , not necessarily a miss, just between 1300-1500 RPM? No smoke noted. Any input would be appreciated.

  5. Say, how many cat motors when #1 is on tdc both rockers are tight on the companion cylinder and vis versa? Is this mostly acert c15’s?

  6. I just traded my sweet obs 7.3 crew cab with munal trans, for a flat top freightliner with c12 in it that has a misfire … its been very stressful as I need the truck, these videos have helped alot thank you

  7. I have a C13 that one of the #5 cylinder push rods came out and landed safely horizontally along the vertical push rods. I was in a big rush to get truck up and running I am not sure which push rod came out? I put in back in and guessed on the adjustment to see if all would be OK. The engine started and is still running ok as of now. The rod that pop out did not bend and the one adjuster tip on that rod got a little nicked. The driver says all is good until he uses engine brake, the engine brake works, but the check engine light goes on and off when he runs the engine brake. I am about to go in and replace the adjuster and possibly the 5/6 engine brake solenoid pack and (run over-head) adjust all valves and injectors as your videos explains. Why did a push rod pop out? should I replace the engine brake pack for the number 5/6? Parts I got for C13 0LEE09239: 10R-2133 ARM AS Roker, 319-0271 Push Rod- Injector, 10R-6691 Actuator.

  8. I enjoy your video's Adept however I have to ask this question. As you work for CAT do they not question the fact that you are giving away mechanical information that could potentially harm their business?

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