How To Set or Adjust the Governor on a Honda Engine – Video

Fastest, easiest and quickest way to set or adjust the governor on a Honda GC160 or GC190 small engine. Includes, lawn mowers, tillers, pressure washers, etc…

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38 thoughts on “How To Set or Adjust the Governor on a Honda Engine – Video

  1. Ive moved the pin/ shaft for the govenor. The problem is…it knocking and revving like crazy. Just like you said when its backwards. I can turn it like quarter turn. The spring cotter that stops shaft from disappearing in engine. I put it back on…but its not

  2. Steve my honda gc190 don't have a throttle lever, it seems to be all automatic.
    It runs fine but for this project i want it to run lower rpms. I wish it had a throttle lever.
    Is there any way to change the automatic setup to run lower rpms??

  3. thank you for this video. Saved me from dumping a Honda HS521 which has a gx140 engine. Literally took 5 mins and it ran properly.

  4. This was very helpful, as my Honda GC 190-powered pressure washer suddenly wanted to go to maximum RPM and this adjustment solved the problem.

  5. Thank you for this video I didn't know the governor even mattered if it was adjusted, this video might keep me from blowing my engine apart, thank you.

  6. Hey Steve would this work on a hrg415 ?
    I brought one as a none runner cleaned the carb out and it started straight up … only thing is it's max revs it wants to take off I've checked the springs and rods are moving freely thinking it might be the govenor needs setting …. there is no throttle lever on this model ….. would the process be the same ? 🙏👨‍🔧

  7. I have a Honda gc160 motor on a pressure washer and my governor arm does not move back to the idle position, it stays in full throttle position. When I push the control arm down to slow, the idle spring just goes slack. There seems to be nothing to push the governor arm back away from the carburetor. What is supposed to move the governor arm to the slow position…is the governor control arm spring supposed to move it (looks like it only is used to pull the arm to the fast position, but not meant to push it back), is the throttle valve on the carb supposed to push it back, or is there supposed to be tension on the governor shaft that rotates it back counter-clockwise?

  8. Hey Steve, massive thanks for all the great videos. Will shoot you a beer over. Got this Dealourus T-MAX PRO Petrol Pressure Washer 8.0hp which did not take long to become a pig to start. Had some staff use it at here in Scotland, not sure what they did but only just got it to run once for a bit since. It sat around for over a year and your videos inspired me to get it sorted.
    It's like a complete learning project in one, especially with its chonda shite engine that has no manual and is not really much of an exact replica, especially when you start messing with the governor;
    – replace fuel line as cracked,
    – was sparking from the plug, tested and had continuity, tested with a multimeter, no ohms reading replacement plug and strong spark
    – stripped and cleaned carb, no obvious blockages
    – Would almost start, pull and turn over a few times never getting to full speed, maybe 3 to 10 weak fires. Noticed the pull seemed too easy
    – Borrowed a compression gauge, 0 psi compression after 10 pulls!
    – checked valve clearance, outlet port no clearance, reset, feels grainy and looking in plug hole piston head has carbon deposits
    – PSI now 30 after 10 or so pulls
    – Had adjusted governed a few times, starts and now runs but will explode, won't seem to start when adjusted like you show but will if fully the other way

    My thinking is to: grind the valve seat and see if the compression improves and maybe then it will run start when the governor is set in full direction opposite to direction of full throttle.
    If you think this is the wrong approach or a waste of time let me know and I will replace the engine with a Honda. Classic example of cheap shite ends up costing more in stealing your life than working for the money to buy one that would last a lifetime.
    Should I use a Honda GX240 repair manual for parts and torque specs etc if pull the head to do the valve seat? Think that job will take a bottle of whisky to complete!
    Cheers Jim

  9. I have several honda GXx series engines.. The GX 390 gov seems to be cutting out too soon or perhaps I need to adj that spring you show on other engines. I don't want to over-rev but I do want to operate at the top power curve hp. under load It's a mud motor long tail set up. Since this is a very common motor series and the gov. set up seems the same for the whole series is it too much to ask for a video on how to set the gov and speed to achieve max hp under load? You could probably borrow one they are very common. Lots of people want to know this on youtube lthey want to go faster safely. thanks, I just subbed.

  10. Tx Steve. Between this governor adjustment and your video on throttle adjustment I'm ready to take my walk behind to Mosport this weekend!

  11. I’m a case and 1/2 through my PBR stockpile. Apparently it has effected my vision and overall “judgement” (maybe) because my Honda Power Washer is running about 15,000RPM. Is that bad?

  12. Wish I would have watched this before I changed the carb on my generator last year. Engine blew after fifteen minutes. Ran like a raped ape before it did though! Great channel Steve!

  13. Hey Steve, had to replace the timing gear in mine. Adjusted the governor like you show but it still runs wide open. What can I check?

  14. Anpther well explained video..keep them coming :-)…Question…When i adjust the govenor and tighten the bolt, my buterfly wont return and if i loosen the nut a little ,than my buterfly returns but if i start the motor than the rp its over the roof..(btw im ajusting without a tachometer because at this moment a dont have one) and if i tighten the nut so that my buterfly stays on the correct position , then i can't control my speed, and even i a turn down the mower the buterfly stays in the same postion instead of returning….any suggestions ?

  15. Hey Steve my 190 Honda pressure washer I just bought new yesterday is hunting up and down when I let off the trigger but runs fine when it’s under load is this normal will it hurt it it even backfires every now and then any suggestions

  16. i did this how it’s running even faster. idle is all the way down, that thing is turned all the way clock wise, and throttle is all the way down and it’s still running out of control. Ideas?

  17. If it wasn’t for your tips, this one included, i would have a big repair bill. The governor, the chain saw brake reset and a few others have made my life in the the boondocks much easier. Thanks a lot. If i could ever figure out how those pre-bent carburetor linkages go on i would consider my enlightenment complete.

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