How To Set or Adjust The Valves On A Riding Mower – with Taryl

In “The Valve Adjustment” Taryl Jr. shows you how to set the valves on a riding mower with OHV. Also features a “Quik Tip” at the end. There’s your Dinner!!

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31 thoughts on “How To Set or Adjust The Valves On A Riding Mower – with Taryl

  1. This fixed my mower after days of changing plugs, cleaning carbs etc. One question though. One valve adjusted easily but the other was very loose and the small screw was so tight I couldn't break it loose and now is pretty much stripped. I was able to tighten the larger nut up enough to get it to get it to run. Is this something I should try to replace or just not worry about it. You know if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  2. Taryl- I have 2 B 7 S 17.5hp ohv and both are hard cranking , set the valves several times and still hard cranking, set one tighter 3 times and started but still slow, what now?? Thanks

  3. So, just curious, as the manuals, including mine, says to set the valves at 5 thou, but you are saying to do it at 4 thou. Any reason why?? Of course, I trust your info more, but just curious….???

  4. Taryl, Great video! Having trouble starting my 25 hp Kohler Courage Pro engine. I am in the process of adjusting the valves. At TDC on the compression stroke, the clearance on both valves is tighter than the spec (0.005 in.). I don't think the valves have ever been adjusted. I was expecting the clearance to be greater than the spec. Just wondering if you have seen this type of thing before. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  5. Hi,how do I set the valves on a Kohler Command cv15s motor with hydraulic lifters.There are no clearance what so ever on either valve.The starter stops as shown in your video.I took off the head and there looks to be no adjustment what so ever.There is just a 8mm bolt with a spacer behind the rocker arm??Am I just out of luck?What should I do?Im running HD30 Castrol in the motor.Please don't tell me its the hydro lifters.Can I shim the spacer behind the rocker arm?The motor is backfiring out the carb.Going to check flywheel key but if its still the key the valves will not let the starter turn like it should.Any help at all would be great.I hope my"dinner"is not new hydro lifters.That would probably turn my stomach back to the Briggs buffet line.

  6. I have a Husqvarna MZ5225 with Kohler Courage Pro 25hp engine. The way the engine is installed, it's really easy to work on one side. But the other side is about 1" from the body of the mower and the hydraulic system. To change the second spark plug I have to use a short spark plug socket that's hexagonal so I can turn it with a crescent wrench, because there isn't room to attach the socket wrench to the end of it.

    The head of one of the lower bolts holding the cramped valve cover has sheared off. Do I have to remove the engine or the hydraulic system to remove the bolt stub and adjust the valves? I'm hoping you have a trick because that sounds hard. I'm looking for an easier route to find my dinner!

    Thanks for your great videos. I've found them really helpful. You are entertaining, and your camera work is excellent.

  7. Hey Taryl, loyal subscriber here. If hard starting continues after the proper adjustments, is the cam lobe just too worn down? Part of me wants to do the cam swap, following your sage advice in another video.

  8. ya'll OK in my books. I bees a big time shade tree tooler and you guys sure helped me. I am a beekeeper for 50 years and I help anyone wanting to keep bees. my channel is WallsBeeMan. Thank you again

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