1. I have a Briggs model 446677, I found that the push rods on one side had come off and was setting in the crank case. after removing them I cleaned up the heads and reinstalled the new rods, gaskets and cleaned both the heads, and top of the piston. I had everything back together fired it up and notice that the oil pump cover was leaking so I repaired that the next day. I proceeded to fire it up again but it just popped and backfired, so I pulled the valve cover on the same side and found the rods bent up. I had two spare, installed and still nothing. I have the valves adjusted to .004 like specified and checked the rods again after trying to start for the thousand time and rods look fine. Any suggestions?

  2. how do you set the valves for clearance and timing after replacing the head on a one cylinder 4 cycle engine, mine is a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 14 horse

  3. Im seeing on these videos the timing marks,But everyone is failing to mention how to retime a small engine when you replace crankshaft and camshaft, could it not be 180 degrees out?MY Timing marks do not line up with top dead center at all,Briggs and stratton 10 horse.Thanks

  4. Been working on one for days.. have spark. everything is lined up cant get it to ignite…. I'm at a loss for what to do.

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