How to set the governor on a Wisconsin AEH, AFH, AGH, AHH engine

This video covers the proper procedure towards setting the governor on your vintage Wisconsin AEH, AFH, AGH, or AHH engine. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I have loads of Wisconsin parts manuals and repair manuals.




7 thoughts on “How to set the governor on a Wisconsin AEH, AFH, AGH, AHH engine

  1. I'm working on a cushman flatbed golf cart with an aenl engine, it was sitting for 5 years. I got it running but I think the governor is out of adjustment, and it has a homemade linkage between the gov arm and throttle and the second link between that linkage and the carburetor is also homemade it looks like to me. How would I adjust the governor so that way I don't have to floor it just to get it to start and then be able to stay running also how would I adjust the carb needle that I can turn by hand so thataway it all stays running correctly if you could send me links or email me detailed instructions on how to do this I'm giving you my email that would be great thank you

  2. Hello!, I've resently bought a Wisconsin air cooled engine in a Dutch garage sale. It turned out to be a model AK , size: 2 7/8 x 2 3/4 . serial number 1284092(I could read that on the badge) and thanks to the wisconsin engines archive i've found out that is was made in may 1949.
    It was stuck when I got it but after 2 nights soaking in WD40 it gave way, the engine is loose. the engine is quite complete I've got the carburettor, air intake, fuel tank and the covers for it. the exhaust exit is unfortunately heavily corroded I don't know if I can fix the thread on that.
    Now i'm looking around to find ways to get it running again and restore it ,wich is not an easy task … replacing missing bolts is a challenge, unfortunately over here in Europe simple standard english measurement bolts are hard to find but I've got some adresses who will hopefully have them ..but there is the internet and lots of questions can be answered just by asking and that is what I'm doing right now

    my questions to you are: what type of oil should I use and how much? sparkplug? spare parts? tips? leads? anything is welcome

    greetings from the Netherlands! Dennis

  3. Where would you buy the spring for the engine? Mine has been long gone and I am restoring the tractor that it's on and I have to come up with something. Now I know how it's supposed to work. Gotta get the sping though.

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