How to Set Up and Adjust Throttle and Choke Cables on Small Engines

Video showing the common methods of installing throttle and choke cables on both the auto choke and manual choke engines, how to adjust them and how to change auto choke on newer engines to manual choke so your engine is not revving up to full throttle when started. Thanks for Watching!!!



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  1. the governor spring? Kind of hard to explain, i did a video last summer on how throttle and choke linkage is set up on a 13.5 HP briggs, i show all the springs on it and how they hook up. if you can't find the video, let me know and i'll PM it to you. thanks for watching!!!

  2. Well, as far as small engine goes i learned alot from helping my dad keep the mowers running, then he got away from it and i do all the repairs now and just learn as i go really. I'm no expert! And for electrical, i'm a journeyman electrician, went through trade school for that. Guitar building, just kind of picked that up on my own haha i'm a jack of all trades and master of none, for sure! thanks for watching!!!

  3. thanks! glad to hear it helped out! hahaha been there done that about 4 years ago before i knew it was adjustable, i cleaned that carburetor at least 3 times and rebuild it once haha and here it was probably just that being out of adjustment all along!!! your welcome, thanks for watching!!!

  4. thanks man! haha i have but i'd rather make videos, that way if i get tongue twisted i can just edit it out and not be embarrassed haha thanks for watching!!!

  5. Great video ! I', having trouble with my kohler MV18 – the engine runs but only with the choke line pulled ALL the way out . Im thinking to adjust it to have more play between fully in and fully out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for the video!
    Rich G

  6. Thanks! sounds like it may be a issue with the carburetor itself, being out of adjustment trying to run to lean. I've never done any work on a kohler before, never owned one. thanks for watching!

  7. I have a 99 cent weed eater lawnmower with B&S with a 4.5 ftpsae..whatever, yadi yadi…, you can already tell I don't know crap about lawnmowers….lol. Anyhow, it has an auto choke carb…and I would like to add the manual throttle. However, looking at my carb…it has 1 skinny spring and a regular size spring. Am I going to do away with these springs? It also has an "s" shape clip connects the choke to the governor? If I do away with the springs or "s" shape…it's gonna disconet gov.

  8. I have a 14.5 MTD Lawn Tractor. I had to put a new carb. on it and I'm having trouble getting the choke/governor adjusted correctly. I have a manual choke on the machine…. when I do as this video describes it seems to run like choke is on at full choke on and full choke off….the only way I can keep it running is to have it at 1/2 choke (and it's never been like this before)….what have I done incorrectly?

  9. hahaha if you do away with the springs it will bypass the governor, you may not be able to do this on that type of engine, i've never done it on a push mower engine before. you should be able to do something similar to the bigger engine like in the video, removing the linkage that hooks to the choke. hope this helps thanks for watching!

  10. you may need to adjust the carburetor itself, it should have a adjustment screw on it to make it run a little richer, it probably isn't a linkage problem. thanks for watching!

  11. You sir are very awesome. I couldnt get my mower to run and I watched some of your videos and now she is almost running like new except sometimes when im mowing it will just die but then it starts right back up. ive not had it long and it had sit for a while before I got it. Thank you so much for doing what you do, you have inspired me to want to work on small engines. Keep up the good work my friend

  12. I just purchased a used WheelHouse generator with a 10HP B&S that didn't run. I replaced the intake pushrod, stator and head gasket. She starts up but is missing all the springs but has the linkage from the carb to the metal piece that hooks to the governor…how hard will it be to make new springs to properly utilize the mechanical governor?

  13. Hi, I am from Philippines.   How to adjust an Automatic Choke or Enricher in a GY6 Carburetor?  Mine has this issue: The Auto Choke turns off prematurely or in an early stage of where the engine is not that hot yet for stable idling, thus engine turns off.  I tried cleaning the GY6 Carburetor hoping it was just caused by dirty system but same result, the Pin inside the Automatic Choke/Enricher extends prematurely/in an early stage even if the engine is not that hot yet resulting to stall.

    It my Automatic Choke or Enricher damaged?

    This is exactly how the Carb with the Auto Choke or Enricher looks like:

    Please guys, I need your help…

  14. i have a snapper riding mower that i rebuilt watching your videos .thank you by the way . its a briggs an stranton 9 hp . i have 2 wires left over . a green one and a brown one. any idea what the might be? its a pull started kind .

    also can i add an electric starter ? this pulling stuff gets dead real fast . thank you

  15. My B&S 22hp started doing this the 3rd season. Had to have carburetor rebuilt after the 4th season because gas was leaking out carburetor while sitting in garage. They say ethanol ate the seals. My other 2 mowers mower a B&S 16hp and a B&S 24hp sat with ethanol gas in them year round no problem. After the $400 carburetor i job i drive 22 miles to get ethanol free gas for the 22hp but the others still running strong on ethanol after 15 years. I even told the guy who rebuilt the carburetor it had been hard to start for 2 years before carburetor started leaking and it was hard to start after he rebuilt carburetor. They said didn't know why it was hard to start. Well 2 years later and seeing the comments here I adjusted the choke, heck it was not even close to being in position. Everybody adjust the choke! All that cranking could not have been good on the coils, hoping that cures up. What pisses me off is that everybody else said start with the valve clearance. It was out very little and getting that permatex on the valve covers to seal without getting it on your internal components is hell.

  16. I know this is an old video, but I could use your help. The white piece of plastic that the throttle cable z bend goes into broke on my 13.5 B&S. I can't seem to find out what they call that, I'm willing to replace the piece or the whole assembly. I just need to know what it's called so I can look it up properly.

    My B&S has that auto choke feature. If I knew how to just put the cable on the choke, I would make it manual, but I'm not sure how to do that either.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Great Video!

  17. The black piece to my auto chock is really loose and doesn't move back after you give it choke and the engine starts. It does have the spring at the bottom. Do I need to take the carb off and replace the spring or is there something else I can do? How do I take the spring off? This is a great video.

  18. I'm dealing with a TroyBilt push mower with the Honda GCV160 engine with auto-choke. Is the lever that pushes the carb choke control supposed to return to "open" position after the engine catches? Is this controlled by heat or spring? Mine works the 1st time but the next time it will not close the choke. Also, on a Kawasaki on John Deere rider, can the throttle plate go bad? I keep setting my throttle and choke orientation but they move after I tighten down my throttle clamp. Thanks.

  19. I have to manually close the choke from the linkage with my hand for mine to start. Will adjusting it like in this video fix that? Once it starts it's fine. It's only when starting that I have to do that. Thanks.

  20. Great video!! thanks heaps. But can someone please help me find somewhere I can buy those springs for the cables. I have a 10.5 hp Briggs and stratton that uses the exact same throttle/choke setup as shown here.
    I am in Australia so any help will be appreciated.

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