How to set valves on ohv single Briggs and Stratton

Set valves on a 16 17 18 19 horsepower single cylinder OHV Briggs and Stratton motor by ask the mower guy and Carlsbad Small Engine. Be sure to support the videos by ask the Mower Guy and visit the store at

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17 thoughts on “How to set valves on ohv single Briggs and Stratton

  1. I went to set the valves and saw the upper aluminum push rod was bent, can I just replace the push rod and then adjust valves?

  2. Excellent Video! Do you by chance have a video or know where I can get a good wiring diagram for my Craftsman LT1000 18 hp OHV engine? model #917.275390, Type code # on the valve cover is 05022 E1 0502257E. This guy I go the mower from for some reason or another replaced the ignition switch with a after market turn key switch & the wires are kinda messed up. I have a new factory switch I want to put on it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  3. I have a lt 1000 craftsman. It was working excellent until one day I tilted over to check the blades for 5 seconds. Wen I put it down straight again it didn't started again. It looked like don't have enough compression. What would you recommend me to do? That's

  4. "Piston" 1/4" past TDC per Briggs manual. I always turn crank the same way the engine runs. Get one valve all the way open and adjust the opposite valve. Never had an issue. Upper valve is EX and lower is INTAKE.

  5. it looks like the valve stem cap is missing on the intake? or should only the exhaust have a cap? Or should there only be one? I have the same engine and there is only one cap and it's on the intake, but i know somebody has been in the engine before me and maybe mixed it up??
    Also on mine the larger nut is on the exhaust. does it make a difference? why two different sizes anyway?

  6. This video was awesome.  Once I knew what I was looking for, I could tell what was wrong.  The setscrew on my exhaust valve had come loose and I saw about 1/8" gap instead of a .007" one.  I readjusted and tightened the star screw and it fired right up.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge…

  7. Helps a lot when you don't know what your doing ha ha! I think I need to check my push rods one veiwer said aluminum rod goes on intake the lower of the two is that correct?

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