14 thoughts on “How to Set/Adjust the Air Gap on Small Engines Armature Magneto Coil

  1. Flat gauge on rounded parts.

    Get a business card, unscrew your ignition coil, put the business card between the coil and flywheel, let it stick to the magnet. Tighten bolts and your good.
    Feelergauge is a bit overkill but some like it this way. The gap will always be bigger, unless you bend the gauge to the radius of the flywheel.

  2. The easiest and most accurate way to set the air gap is to use the part of the box the new coil came in. It measures about .010" thickness. Place a strip of the box between the coil's laminations and magnet in the flywheel and allow the magnet to pull the laminations to it, then tighten the coil mounting screws.

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