HOW-TO – Small Engine Crankshaft Swap

Ever wonder if you can swap engine crankshafts? Well the answer is yes!
Watch as I show you how this is easily done!

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40 thoughts on “HOW-TO – Small Engine Crankshaft Swap

  1. Guess I will pull the bent crankshaft on my Honda mower. I was going to try and get it straightened but for the price, Its just as easy for me to Replace instead of messing with a bent shaft.

  2. Learned a lot here Thanks Can a single shaft be converted to a dual shaft? I have to convert a Briggs for my tiller. I have 2 engines single shaft functional and donor engine with hole in block. Can this be done?

  3. Great video! Love the way you walk through everything. What is your parts washer, and what do you reccomend for someone who would be looking?

  4. donyboy73, Hello! Thanks for the helpful videos. 👍👍👍

    I really need your advice. Could you tell me is it possible in Briggs&Stratton Vanguard to extract the pistons with their connecting rods from the inside – through the crankcase, after removing the pushrods, camshaft and crankshaft?
    This is in order not to remove the cylinder head. The thing is, I need to swap crankshafts from one B&S Vanguard 14 to another B&S Vanguard 16. Both engines are in good condition, crankshaft replacement is required due to the different shape of the tail section (cylinder and cone). Changing 4 cylinder head gaskets is quite expensive. 😢

    Of course, getting pistons through the crankcase makes me only extreme necessity – it's like removing the tonsils through the anus! 😃
    However, it is becoming more and more interesting – I have never been in the role of proctologist! 😃

    donyboy73 may I ask another question? I always thought that along with the crankshaft, it is necessary to mount his own connecting rods. Is it so? Or is it possible to install connecting rods from crankshaft №2 to crankshaft №1 and vice versa?
    Thank you very much!!! 👏

  5. Was in a hurry one day putting new rings in a Briggs and didn't emery the crankshaft before reinstalling the sump! I thought how bad can it leak? It didn't leak much, just enough to run down on the drive plate on a Snapper rider! Had to stop cutting and clean the plate every 20 min from then on! Live and learn!!

  6. Well done son..your a great mechanic and your videos are succinct and easy to follow. Have a question..Honda GVC 160 sheared the key drive sprocket for the timing belt. Have you ever seen that before? Again…great videos..keep up the good work. Jack in the Republic of Panama

  7. Well done and even though there is no crankshaft swap in my future, I watched the video anyway just because I like the way you do them.

  8. An engine I'm tinkering with now has the ball bearing arrangement on it. I notice a tiny bit of play in the ball bearing so ideally I would like to replace it. Though I have no clue how to get it off. Any advice??

  9. Thanks for the video, very helpful.I have a 11 hp Briggs& Stratton that has a tapered shaft and I would like to replace it with a strait shaft.How would I find out what 11 horse engine will interchange? My model# is 256427  1162-E1   code 9912173A   Thanks for your help.

  10. Best video of small engines to date. I have a 5hp B&S horizontal engine on a go cart. I replaced the carb. It's back together but I can't get the throttle right. I can't find a schematic of this type. No manual throttle capability only the choke. I need a choke rod so could use some advice how toi find one vs making one. The governor is functioning. This go cart engine didn't have the race track in the linkage which interacts with the manual throttle control. I know linkages vary and the model # for this one is no where to be found. I just need an image or schematic reference of how this should connect. The new carb came with the throttle on the carb hooked up. Also, the needle valve for mixture control did not have a spring on it so I'm guessing I use the old one even though the new needle valve looks different than the old one and the ones in the kit. Hope you can help advise about a schematic or and image or two of how this throttle linkage should hook up.

  11. Thanks you so much for putting these videos up. I successfully rebuild a honda gx 160 thanks to some of your vids. By the way I am from AUS.

  12. Hey man, I need a crank for a 7hp Briggs. I can't seem to find much on 7hp. 6hp and 8hp. But not much about the 7hp. Can I use a crank from anything else? Thanks

  13. I have a 14.50 briggs with a bad block. It may can be bored out. I don’t know anybody around where I live that will bore a small engine. My bad briggs is Model 204312 Type 0529B1 OHV. What block can I use to swap shafts? The motor is for a chipper. It has a big tapered shaft like in your video. Can you help me find a block I can use to swap the shaft?

  14. You know how many people get ahold of a generator motor and think they are gonna throw it on a go cart or mini bike but they have those stupid super short or beveled not a clutch on God’s green earth will fit it.Great post thanks. Oh I was talking about a buddy and the generator crank.Ive never done that haha.i never bought two monkey wards/ Gilson tractors and thought I was gonna use motors on go carts but found crankcase was part of the tractor frames. Those things made great tractors for mowing and plowing.Bullet proof.Crappy gocarts.

  15. Hi Dony, do I have to reset my points after I swap them crankshafts? I swapped same ones and I got no spark but one time I feel there is a current going from magneto one time I feel nothing, do you know what may be the issue?

  16. Dony, how about if my crankshaft has the cam gear already made solid with crankshaft, and I will replace it with one that does have one removable, still gonna work right?

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